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Rose from an integral tape. Master-klass.\/Ribbon Rose\/

Rose from an integral tape. Master-klass.\/Ribbon Rose\/  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone I want to show you how make a rose from a single ribbon I do not cut this I made a rose from ribbons in width one and half centimeter than plus this rose that can do with a narrow ribbons pretty and still good the size of a rose
  • 00:31: it's a rose in my Diameter was 4 centimeter that is another kind of rose you can not be made from narrow ribbon and more what plus this roses that she is quite still flat magnificent Well flat and very OK hitch I do not really like when on the rim make such high roses and they stick out here so here it is here it will look very good as
  • 01:01: I already said this I made a rose from ribbons in width one and a half centimeters and I had a ribbon so rough here this rose flower but now I want to make this the same rose technology will exactly the same but the ribbon will already be you are soft here she feels it like write on ribbon 4 centimeter so first what do we do
  • 01:32: this will send the edge lighter next for in order to secure our rose I will enjoy hot-melt adhesive take a ribbon and I add here such that's the way that's it further I am a little corner again I omit down here and start twist
  • 02:02: rosettes like this after we have remains small corners the ribbons are bent here so we should flip ribbon that is, like this make and raise slightly up so that this we had a ribbon with
  • 02:32: this side like this here took out to here it is visible yes naturally drip a bit of glue to fix and twists further further twist our
  • 03:06: rosette and after we It is again slightly curved ribbons we are again turn me around parties and up to the top we fix the ribbon you are all again twist
  • 03:47: we are looking for tubes and like this with every turn
  • 04:39: we are dripping ribbons some glue for that to consolidate ribbon here further try
  • 05:11: so that you bend the following ribbon is not at the level that's it it's not near it should be try to bend and or slightly closer or a little further so let's just say so so that you do not have roses the square between this
  • 06:01: which I here chased and here are those checkmarks there is a direct me from us I'm not comfortable show on camera spot the place will be a bit not exactly then
  • 06:31: excuse me again a bit scroll to have us did not match the corner and 7 here with the reverse
  • 08:00: you it turns out like this we constantly press ribbon to the top if you have
  • 09:01: admits admissible corner with a corner See here well there one twice nothing scary but better if I have an opportunity a little bit like this behold from twenty it 's like this cut a little bit all lift up here here's the ribbon you see, if I kind of pulled me but will coincide but if his a little bit this will do in general in this rose
  • 10:12: important to understand yourself principle of operation what is done and by tape twisting twisting with one side on another and there already as you will be watching where better as best do it yourself petals such corners did not do its square in neither by which means somehow so try move the little corners pink round thanks to the fact that in
  • 11:00: do not pull ribbon and here so when you collect and the rose is still luxuriantly when did you see that you need a rose size here so here you come turn over and cut off excess ribbon can clip the tail you do not need a smear glue
  • 11:40: and that's just easy paste back hand further we need cut the base and stick the basics I cut from another
  • 12:11: light because u I was not wide ribbons of the same I glued two colors together square from ribbons usual glue transparent and melted and at the edges and we will put glue you can also
  • 12:52: To correct a spoon here so that it was more magnificent, that's all our rose is ready look how early it turned out on height low here naturally size The more and a half centimeter by me by desire could be
  • 13:22: continue to do it even more that is , with a narrow ribbon this is the maximum could do so that then already but we just as ugly it turned out 4 centimeter in diameter here are such roses we got I hope this video was useful for you if you like put a class subscribe to my channel and see you in the next video until