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Women's jumper a hook from Lanagold 800 Ch.5 V a shelf mouth  See details »

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  • 00:00: we continue to knit jumper and the evil eye 800 Momma us previous channel part, we have tied up the entire back and neck and back now we will continue to knit shelf and will vyvyazyvayut neck shelves as I it seems it will not the easiest lesson for beginners especially if you Knitting is not completely repeats my and you will be hard orientate it is your crochet and do here this
  • 00:30: v-shaped neck the lying round neck just deeper than in the previous video tutorials I back neck gave advice on how to knit neck and shelves and I wanted diversity I will have a profound mouth you you can see it is now up hollows but comes that will oblige It may be a number of 23 and closes on shoulders of closes and chest closed but anyway it will be deep enough cut deep cut
  • 01:01: you can understand varied place I start knitting this cut-out Well I suggest you watch this video lesson and take a decision such neck you to knit or not so We begin with we'll start a number of which have even number ie fans can Find exactly half Now I have peace of 8 fans on the shelf 1 2 3 4
  • 01:30: and now there are between small fans arc ie start will be a series with fans if you have an odd the number of fans and in the middle is not here this arc and even a fan then you you need to knit another 2 probably a number of you have faith and then in the chess order of toaddit the middle of the 2 is one that I have already 2 I am on this a place where the two fans midway between them it is the most central
  • 02:00: This little arc now looking that the previous series I knitting here I I see on the face of this Rani means now I I should'll knit for reverse side therefore unfold knitting and will knit on this side of the edge these series shelves are we the same as we knitted on the back Nothing new there then I like right now attaching to
  • 02:30: vershinki marked end or can be Simply by arc joining I you do the same Only thing under my pattern if you a little bit different here and Now I'm here for pattern in principle I I have done and on the back I see half the faith ie all three column and between them Air also see here three columns and between them air after the fan
  • 03:01: we always air then the column without nakida here five air column without nakida here to continue knit and went knit so do not end up series Hell belief that It will be in front marked center and there is already show that further we will do vyvyazyvayut neck and so it is tied in middle, that's me fan trio before him
  • 03:31: element of the fan and that's This little fan a number after we always knit air and here first between the window threes I still knit column, without sc and now so we knit end each odd a number of general now with we hand the neck We will repeat all two rows of the first and the second is the first now we should
  • 04:01: be here for five air but I knit only 2 and 3 air replaced by column with sc in second the window between the three Now it happened I turn knitting and I will knit 2 from recurring series He fit in well here it is the window in which the we just
  • 04:30: had the knit a column without sc, and then we we meet fan which provyazyvaem according to the pattern Here is a triple one triple two the second airy 2 triple air third triple Well then over a large arc small arc and here is all of pattern come in here I turn around the edge of the edge
  • 05:03: I repeat, we were binding as well as on the back All in pattern sample and again when I will go here again Now show yet what dovyazyvaem number is direction and reverse pattern of and as I said I a number of construction projects Knit until the end unfolded here edge as usual in sample number of flowers and
  • 05:30: columns with sc Bound and met the last full here this item the previous row with a number of areas columns he has repeats most first row of video tutorial I said first and second row, he will on February 1 repeat February 1 each time in such a will more edge Here we go in the first row over provyazyvali
  • 06:00: this fan last arc I air replaced by 2 and a column as in this series will already be over follows the ladder such stop up but this is already a fan do the same and that in the very first a number that is I tied one air fan as always bind a column without sc in first arches between triplets
  • 06:30: then replace the oak already in the air and 2 column with sc in second arches between threes as well as in the first row now I will knitting a second series which also has showed turn knitting and knit a column without sc and now troechki over it already fan here 3 column
  • 07:01: 2 air here 3 column 2 the air 3 here column 2 air and again knit here turn around and again we will knit on this side of the same Only a number of the first finish number again going over the last complete fan which with the third and then Again, expand and knit been here this here second row I I am now starting to knit with a column without sc and well knit So see that we get here
  • 07:31: with the edge we were binding on the straight so well as on the back knitting has floodplain a v-shaped notch here we were binding on it here a large fan construction sites and columns so to continue on continue to knit but not to infinity and we We need to stop when we shoulder width now we get da I see and show, and so
  • 08:00: what I got that is, I tied Now here is a series of already areas that have usually she finished her the first of these two series that I am in this video repeating and now even if try to knit back has already it can be seen that shoulder will be the look how near you over shoulder on the back here, we have the last row of knitting so that we and
  • 08:30: it is a straight edge with both the sample and around the neck already straight in sample Troika here we do not have to knitted dust and means look like in me small loop then complete five triples small and half Our triples find the same number here obtained Collar here it is a loop small triples
  • 09:00: Collar and small I half triples I note even need central column troika that's up to him up to half of the troika Basically, I have even now I am over here it marked marker that is, now I you need to knit just this one otrezochek upstairs here so straight I should just look at sample knit here
  • 09:30: these series with one edge from the other end so as a finishing medium and began to sample and visa so rows straight and so have me how it happened and two air column with sc and then I graduated as a always in the first two knit series I I show this video and now I It goes to the next row threes here hide
  • 10:00: all clear how I will knit as usual knitting and want here see here I mean should start number somehow and then will complete my troika Scheme I see that when I have full triples first series go full so that our element in the beginning of the series in I have four aircraft and a column without a sc then go to the troika's Now I mean them and
  • 10:30: I am here I post here will complete triples and here I It means to do 4 and a column without sc here it is, a five as usual Then there are triples events they eyelet Troika on here small arc of three air over a large arc and
  • 11:01: finishing as the number of we are basically here already finished and in the end it turns out I must now knit this is a straight line with this side and to that sides to eventually I have had the same number rows on the edge of the armhole and how much it was on back and should finish like this the next and last in principle, when a number I provyazyvat the last row of shelf
  • 11:30: you can already connect Shoulder seam knitting process as a connecting shoulder seam in the process knitting I bear in a separate clip because who does not knit even v-shaped neck knit round it, too want to connect shoulder seams so let it be in separate rollers and course immediately will be released the same part knitting v-shaped cutout but then Blouse there
  • 12:00: Basically, we need to do the same but in the mirror displayed so may arise Thank you for your questions attention to any questions please contact stay mom our channels until