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  • 00:00: Today we will make fried patties on yogurt is a great alternative when there is no time to make a yeast The dough can be made on kefir which very fast pies of cries are made and are very soft and delicious for the dough we take on a glass of yogurt two glasses of flour 3-4 tablespoons vegetable oil 1 teaspoon full with a slide of sugar and a half teaspoonful
  • 00:30: spoons of soda and salt for the filling I have today chose cabbage cabbage thinly cut and fry to about 50 70 grams of butter frying pan with a thick day of worlds cabbage has become soft and can be
  • 01:13: add spices here we add paprika for about half a kilo cabbage for a hole became a teaspoonful by pathways a teaspoon of sugar a teaspoon of salt and then the dosages are very relative to the floor kilograms approximately so it is and black pepper add and finish cabbage until readiness cabbage is ready for us here it is the beginning
  • 01:45: fry smoothly so much that with a strong on the re-burn her in another dish just for soon cooled down and bring the filling to the ready on the floor kg again I repeat cabbage we put somewhere three or four times Besides what gives taste it still removes excess moisture if there is cabbage
  • 02:17: not to wet the patties with eggs if add eggs such a problem never will I think that 30 you will not enough added three eggs and greens All the stirs are chosen aside so that stuffing has become While we are cooling down the filling we will
  • 02:47: do the dough for the test we are in a glass kefir in the first place add pol-chaya spoon stir and look to soda repaid more precisely yogurt extinguished soda that is to go bubbles literally for half a minute missing here bubbles went to court we paid off add salt sugar yolk can be added in principle whole
  • 03:22: scenes are better than just one yolk again, we mix and begin We gradually begin to introduce flour from one cups as always sift and knead and add 2 glasses of flour
  • 03:52: now put 3-4 spoonfuls vegetable oil is used for Watering on your hand to make it easier to mix was and to mix us this dough especially we must make sure that the dough she took all the flour and this will be quite is sufficient
  • 04:22: all just a couple of minutes our dough ready now you have to cover it with a cloth and 20 minutes to let him rest that is, we wait for the filling to cool and
  • 04:54: rests the test we passed somewhere half an hour the dough was rested now You can go to the cake cage for Of course, at first we include to bask the vegetable oil in a frying pan which will fry and here we do Such a seditious thing in order not to add extra flies so as not to clog the dough that we are so specially very little hung out and it generally does not torment so that it
  • 05:24: was gentle now we lubricate with vegetable oil and the table and pull out the dough divide it by serving bits making dough a bit of this amount will be released somewhere but the maximum that 12 pies on Once, of course, store these patties it is better to have an X in one day now every patty
  • 05:59: Straight hand mash into a lozenge and all as usual add stuffing if we share the latter also his
  • 06:32: mash lozhechechku closer to one edge of the pile stuffing the other side cover good-looking hands Press and then turn so so that our shepherd was with an overlap how would it go inside
  • 07:03: slightly trim these boats here We get and you can fry a little priplyuskivaem hand and turn frying omit the wooden spoon of oil if bubbles means our oil is ready for frying a little bit of gas and begin to fry from both sides
  • 07:33: for a couple of minutes from each side to beautiful color as we fried on one side turn over to another here on the test it can be seen that she goes pimples straight like as if this yeast dough dough tender turned out a good fry with the second side, too, two or three minutes the water fills them with the last batch I want
  • 08:10: say that now it is 9 am in our country already such fine patties with cabbage we are ready to publish them first there I have a napkin for a bit excess fat glass put the kettle and meet the weekend Bon Appetit