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  • 00:04: case down 24 stitches this pattern is about twist so first twist to the left and then twist to the right
  • 00:39: again twist to the left then twist to the right
  • 01:04: and twist to the left taste to the right then
  • 01:32: twist to the left then taste to the right hmm
  • 02:00: this is right-side blow while wrong side wrong side I just need the knitting stitches and pry out the protein stitches
  • 02:41: okay come to your three this right side right sighs we are going to make a pattern so now I'm going to cable it
  • 03:02: cable front and then need a purl two together yeah over cable front purl two together your cable front
  • 03:38: pearls to the data over cable front and pro the last one so now you see the pattern wrong-side
  • 04:02: pro the protein stitches need the needy on stitches
  • 04:37: now you can see there is a check pattern with a hole unhealthy teach art at a rubbery if you want it you can down or it thanks for watching