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Presentation of a spray of powder Start-50 paint

Presentation of a spray of powder Start-50 paint  See details »

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  • 00:00: basic model is a pistol start 50 with a funnel he created for small-scale production production with frequent color change and working off technological processes spray gun consists of several basic elements trunk handle funnels power supply 220 volts and a set of nozzles each of these elements for may be easily replaced by new that is significant facilitates the repair and prolongs the term sprayer action in general, all elements are made of shockproof
  • 00:30: material star 50 has only one control knob powder feed paint start 50 is different reliability and simplicity and convenience exploitation training in working with it takes no more than 30 minutes all models start provides charging airily Powder mixture up to -70 kilovolt at distance to colored products 25-30 centimeters for staining of sharp edges and corners mode pseudo 3d statics with decrease
  • 01:00: distances voltage automatically falls thanks to which it is easy painted products any form start 50 absolutely safe in work for accidental contact screening electrode by hand the tension is completely the model is turned off start 60 is available from switch voltage 3060 kilovolt is allows you to work as in maximum charge powder and in the mode charge twice less than the maximum toggle switches switching is on the block nutrition for of enterprises
  • 01:30: coloring products complex grid shapes shaped cells products designed 3 would be static spray start 53rd for the company coloring products as complex and simple forms a model is proposed start 50 combi with electrostatic and 3 would be static trunks in the process easy operation replace one trunk another