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  • 00:00: Russian guys scold trail and now let's Let's look now at hinged boxes miraculously we moved the city click this is a village Bogorodsky here customer interesting the situation he took from builder in apartment was already the so-called before the repair there is one engineering installation which we are now do to done screed made plaster made putty electrical
  • 00:30: plumbing that is, when finishing already implemented in this apartment but naturally electrician plumbing the customer is not suits because she is not in those places where it is necessary not where he likes the most the main thing is that when I came here for an assessment the customer did not tell interesting story half of the apartment the light went out what is it called management company came uncle electrik by hiding everything piercing boxes oliver is considered corridor and just
  • 01:00: there are two corridors three four here here on this patch on which can turn around and hands all walls touch 4 piercing boxes and that uncle all of them by opened all the wires on pulled out rustled looked says do not know che where then gone means 10 burns in the corridor but will make a bath no longer lit ie everything was lost
  • 01:30: there is no light somewhere in the unsoldering on some kind of from the conductors there do nothing can not fix it nothing can therefore did she hanged herself here is the time for working socket from a working socket attack with an extension cord, one of the conductors which goes to next soldering the box shines room you left like this raspayachnuyu the box
  • 02:00: there is a major negative from the loop sounds in the comments plume is bad 1 socket and 1 behind it all the rest sockets do not work I agree yes no work and with 1 soldering 1 burned out and sundeck and the whole apartment do not work the bash on the bash the same only probability probability failure of welding much more than in rosette it from experience
  • 02:31: experience is different for everyone experience of such soldering burns much more often than the connection in outlet but the most a chip in which the chip is in that before the release impossible to reach she is either in the wall will be immured and walls open will either have it on the ceiling will have ceilings shoot that is for customer needs understand that he is better that it is more profitable for him because the installer easier and more profitable do soldering
  • 03:01: boxes but do you need they are the customer here it will be half a year bah half apartment de-energized what to do often it happens in this way call aloy the light died and in answer or we are busy either feed breakfasts or just simka discarded or other number guys continue to work that's because because of ceilings that you need will remove dismantle and then hang back no one to pay
  • 03:31: He wants and every three or understands if the light the only one option is to look for box and and open well in general then all right, in a nutshell I described everything Alexander is from you once again hear that really was jamb with raspayachnoy short course i just rude here saying the movie was coming write exactly tell about piercing boxes about the difference of where
  • 04:01: there are unsolderings where there is no time I differ in what I do should sit here on the spike be asked this upstairs here they are hidden harness them now just can not see here they are here because that the neighbor on top of you too, that is an electrician who who had also it's not all sizes yet all data of them here on in fact, much he walked more intelligence [music] but if you're on the law
  • 04:31: newspapers you would immediately I understood that then it is necessary from there to throw but two hour is all to find out It was funny it seemed however so after that I so I thought that such people understand that they lead to do a prices there are such bite and call will do a hack it turns out zheneva floor art work on your apartment it trash and somewhere works for constant a here
  • 05:02: the Sabbath came to Che there on the case did not want to came on the case spat in the end a month or two can which as well understandably on the cheap look me about not got used to said can us here here is a chip in that that yes and the difference on
  • 05:32: in fact, in money you take for 85 and you get good quality you take for 75 receive full shit for spam they you not so this difference there's 10,000 of it in general niochem there are cases when Here is the marina for I is a indicator will not be accepted from the stove when we are in marina to Moscow went right to remodel yes where grew from a friend assholes installation and life some was so we took for work at 15
  • 06:02: thousand cheaper than those who is this have done a disgrace so prices and not I understand you thanks is that grasping in the form we try even pipes are smoother and it's all in the morning wrinkle look he clip like We will shoot this a broken curve is simply
  • 06:32: I work already you have seen enough of us the bar is picking up show means will have to do
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