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4 WAYS of cleaning of upholstered furniture. How to remove spots? Cinderella project with Nataly Gorbatova.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello and welcome to all to my canal in June skating rink Housewives Well, you are ready today with me clean out something or simply get motivated to to guide order in your home if so then pleasant viewing Today I will clean the chairs on his kitchen and sidushka they have a soft already covered with spots some I specially for I want to run Today test several funds for yourself
  • 00:30: select more optimal effective and can do not spend much money and time health therefore Today I will experiment by the way these funds not only for to clean Chairs for cleaning any upholstered furniture besides this I have nice for you bonus is a video from project series Cinderella recently on my channel is just there was such a video then I cleaned wardrobe other girls something else did
  • 01:00: his house today we shared video from Cinderella Project Series dedicated to stains exactly how to deal with stains than to fight what is effective is that it is ineffective that costs for what sparingly and every there will be different spots master I for example I will master already said the spots on chair someone will be stains on clothes remove someone's spots on the carpet and so on and so on, so this will be very interesting
  • 01:30: references to all videos girls as always will be in the description in infobox for video and here is the front of the work and 4 chair with soft seat very much contaminated well except there can be 1 one more or less spots are strong and how See, I've prepared four ways removing stains one I will clean the chair with special remover stains with upholstered furniture second chair I will
  • 02:00: clean with laundry soap which goes for stain removal the third chair I will clean with melamine sponges and 4 I will clean the chair with means for washing dishes I will clean the stool one by one and will use that the way that I chose for him and I will begin with special cleaning agent to remove stains from upholstered furniture well, what is cleaning
  • 03:19: chairs selected means I they have completed wet and at first look look clean nevertheless, if we take a closer look each chair let's start with the first where I used special cleaning means for soft furniture as you can see small here are the spots yet remained the truth of these stains were made children and pens perhaps they even nothing will take in
  • 03:49: principle is pure if that's right look around see yeah speck small some spots they remained of course very pale and that's it. so here it is not visible but nevertheless, if consider all the same there is therefore at all 100 this tool is not the next I have a chair was cleaned with help laundry soap here we see a spot but this spot was from and black pen she
  • 04:19: flowed and very very dirty seat chair rather all too this spot no longer that probably not will take all other spots went splendidly then you see even if like this look narrowly look 100 absolutely clean well with the exception of this spot therefore laundry soap I already like more than previous special cleaning the next I had time on the table
  • 04:49: next so I used melamine a new sponge and that I I'll tell you in principle the table is clean but it has I was not strong contaminated by compared to the first two nevertheless more melamine sponge i enjoy I will not be at least of these surfaces on upholstered furniture because that she is personally dry and she is very hard rubs on this one here surface that is course on a smooth surface such sponges slip better but on a soft cloth this
  • 05:20: terribly it is inconvenient and in principle, here everything is equal micro specks some that I I will most likely household soap date that is melamine sponge I immediately exclude for stain removal is with upholstered furniture well and last chair like me you were told at the beginning he had the most clean among dirty nevertheless the spots there were also I used cleanser utensils what can I say
  • 05:50: funds managed in principle is not bad again, too here I have here here is a small speck which means has not mastered summing up my experiment on cleaning upholstered furniture in particular the chairs I can say that best with spots coped laundry soap just a special for here 5 I will remind you that with soap cleaned this chair he It was very dirty and now he is the most
  • 06:20: pure among four chairs for exception of course here is this stain but this stain I repeat again ink and I do not know even what to try output by the way if you know necessarily write to me at comments below under the video I will be possible use it yours somehow advice and now this final result after as I walked household soap for all remaining spot and that I can to say splendidly laundry soap coped I do not know whether
  • 06:55: talk about what I happy with the result I'm probably not worth it quite a result of me now clean chairs I finally have reached their hands Well, as always, I'm waiting from your opinion which of the four means you more I liked everything what tools do you use for cleaning upholstered furniture on all of you a lot Thank you for attention Do not forget move on ssylochkam look Other videos on topic removing stains by you I wish excellent
  • 07:25: mood of order in house and as always friends I'm waiting for you my new videos to new meetings so far and and