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Stuffed cabbage layfkhak how to wrap quickly and just stuffed cabbage

Stuffed cabbage layfkhak how to wrap quickly and just stuffed cabbage  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] all the good day Today I will cook cabbage rolls I wanted to show their own secret wrapped wrap them in the form these are the Carnatic of you can in a different way video chicken or envelope in general cabbage rolls I cook
  • 00:31: most of all I love cook with fresh cabbage kosheryzhku cut out a little bit throw in boiling water salted me I add necessarily there is a little vinegar because it is vinegar will sell a little bit acid such and using salt is also not will our leaves collapses of soot functions do the same as well as stuffed pepper pre-rice I can boil
  • 01:01: you can just in a saucepan before half-preparedness and necessary mince and sweet onion carrots I add there is also creamy I then combine the oil with minced meat add spices and I wrap the sheep wrap up dovecote view the envelope is now so that's refueling to the edge and darling is ready
  • 01:36: [music] [music] with a knife hand
  • 02:16: pressing gentle Fingers with the fingers [music] then a little bit of let go below so as not to bursting leaf from it turns out this here is the envelope [music] can be wrapped and
  • 02:47: in another way turned the bottom now wrapped in middle also hold ladies in order not to burst like this you get a frame [music] [music]
  • 03:23: [music] envelope must watch dependencies
  • 03:55: what form of leaf [music] nothing has merged and ghetto and he burst will not go anywhere [music] that's how much cabbage rolls now zalyu a little bit
  • 04:25: boiling water then add tomato juice and I'll make the sauce I will flood to cover everything cabbage rolls [music] fools I already have boiled a little bit according to the king I have tomato juice, though
  • 04:55: sweet but better try and then add if necessary salt will let prepare now I will do the gravy for cabbage rolls prepared here such Here are the ingredients so how we love could very much put 4 bulbs and these are the half a carrot I still have paprika
  • 05:25: there is still paprika add and so and chopped onions rubbed on the shredder carrot and now I will pour frying pan vegetable oil and pass our axis [music] as always, I add butter
  • 05:55: well its stir I poured a frying pan for of tomato juice which I had and will do roasting [music] [music]
  • 06:29: sladenko podeval and so half of me I cast even here maybe a little more than half now add
  • 07:04: a little fire for to rise water from fools and everything boiled well [applause] scattered a little Milk now add sour cream add sour cream
  • 07:36: can on how it can be more good all I will mix let it be a little bit will boil and it will be second gravy So our cabbage rolls I ready to go only dial and try adding sour cream and the second
  • 08:08: poured I really love cabbage the wife is patient very try [music] [music] Sweet Sweetie [music]
  • 08:38: who does not love much sweet can eat sour cream [music] delicious [music]