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SNAILS cottage cheese with apples and cinnamon the Recipe of the TEST Very TASTY PASTRIES the recipe  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] hello everyone with you Lera and the channel are prepared from love Today we will bake very delicate and delicious cottage cheese cochlea with apples and cinnamon glaze over them with monaco and sugar powdered baked goods very delicate and delicious watch the video for curd buns to us
  • 00:30: will be needed following products 150 gram of home cottage cheese 75 milliliters milk 60 milliliters vegetable refined butter fell packaging vanillin 80 grams sugar one and a half teaspoons spoons of baking powder for the filling we will use two apple two dining rooms spoons of sugar and cinnamon taste a bowl spread curd cottage cheese from me
  • 01:00: soft home not Leia therefore I will not to pass through blender I'm just here I'll break it with a spoon and he's without pictures if you have a dry non-fat cottage cheese can take advantage submersible blender and that's how you make out puree so that there is not lumps ford add
  • 01:30: necessarily in childhood a pinch of salt warm milk stir to me Milk of room temperatures add vanillin for of the usual sugar the cottage cheese dough is very
  • 02:03: useful and fast is being prepared and baking with it very very tasty add vegetable refined oil without smell now here I have one and a half dining room spoons of baking powder mix with flour now if we
  • 02:49: so tight now we will knead it on the table now spread out the dough curd bridges and knead the dough the dough should be
  • 03:24: be plastic elastic and of course to slaughter him too it is not necessary still a little flour exact amount flour will be under the video in the description the dough we made here
  • 03:58: she is moderately soft and now we'll do it stuffing now apples to us should be cleared of peel to remove seeds and cut into small cubes can be of course and rub on I like it more when to enter brioche snails apples will be dices now peeled apples
  • 04:30: cut into small cubes my family is very love a button so I try Cook diverse and yeast and on the curd mono ethereal test in general I hope my recipes will be useful to you and you with joy you will use them now proceed to forming rolls well sprinkle the table
  • 05:01: flour with rolling pins roll out dough into rectangular reservoir the dough should be obedient soft and not decay rolled with a thickness of 3
  • 05:33: millimeters now upload apples here where we have 1 turnover will be necessary he has more apples the rest are the whole test I scatter a little bit not reaching the edge now sprinkle
  • 06:03: sugar if you have there is brown sugar sprinkle brown sugar to taste two three dining rooms spoons of wishes from me a dessert spoon so I take more and sprinkle with cinnamon cinnamon with apples
  • 06:34: very compatible buns are obtained fragrant and very tasty well sprinkled and now our dough turn off into a roll We do not turn off the we hasten pressing with the edges of the roll and then we fall asleep here
  • 07:07: so rolled pulls the right edge of a roll one disk 2 for now our roll cut into penechka thick about 2 centimeters and spread on pan slightly so hand flattened century the oven in advance
  • 07:49: put warm up cut neatly and lay out on tray with a handle crushing everything is very simple and fast also to these rolls
  • 08:25: we will do everything very tasty filling us straight cottage cheese buns cakes with cream now cottage cheese cochlea I send in preheated oven for one hundred and eighty degrees curd snails baked 40 minutes
  • 08:55: now we will prepare glaze which we fill our and aromatic ruddy buns Here I measured out sugar powder here I have 130 grams powdered sugar and now add milk a little by 3 tablespoons added and stir [applause] here are two dining rooms
  • 09:26: spoon will be stay now stir well so that there is not lumps and this glaze we are now fill in completely buns should be slightly warm fill in now and bun glaze this will be very tasty here are such ruddy and
  • 10:01: very tasty curd snails with apples and cinnamon I got it split bun very tender delicious and juicy subscribe to my channel put like that with you was aero and channel we cook with love till new meetings so far till