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(29) "Филадельфия" cheese;))) Very tasty and easy recipe))) "Филадельфия" Cheese; in house conditions)) - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: all hello I greet you on our kitchen today for you I will cook lovely creamy Philadelphia cheese I take sour cream 300 grams fatty sour cream what kind of you just see the supermarket
  • 00:31: two boxes of yogurt classical without any additives one and a half teaspoons lemon juice and one a teaspoon of salt
  • 01:06: all this carefully stir ready now build I take the construction bowl on top of colander I close the colander gauze here to me three layers can be used instead of gauze to use
  • 01:36: some dense the cloth simple nyu well or more any can a piece cut off from the curtains fabric and strictly in the middle I pour out mass and start close close very very neatly trunk I closed from above I put in
  • 02:07: skirt of the regime little and looking for cargo and all this the design with us goes for 12 hours refrigerator 12 hours I took it out its construction I remove the jar a plate is not retracted so a little bit of a knife
  • 02:37: dismantling our marlechka our cheese now I'm spreading I dismantle the plate I cover with a plate and as always turn everything over here is our ready log house
  • 03:07: laid out with a lure that's so beautiful as cream ice cream now you can submit that's so fast and just can cook delicious creamy cheese it will be much cheaper than the one which you will buy somewhere supermarket or market thanks that watched my videos pleasant to all appetite subscribe to our channel and put your likes if you like