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Cabbage pie, onions, carrots and eggs of Video recipe  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello today we will cook pie with cabbage for cooking pie with cabbage to us you need to make a stuffing it will be 600 grams cabbage I have it already flowed somewhere around 150 gram of carrots 250 grams bow 4 hardboiled dumped eggs which later on I rub the greens on lemon and salt to taste for the test itself to us
  • 00:30: you need 800 grams of flour 300 a gram of sour cream and 200 gram of oil or margarine 15 grams baking powder and 4 eggs salt cabbage pour the lemon juice all is well
  • 01:11: mix oborotku pour sunflower oil oil and pour out for beginning of beech and fry so oak room added roast
  • 01:50: slightly carrots must touch live this is for the best fas band then mastering carotene which here carrots and be behind the palm cabbage who is this come on what a glorious such
  • 02:32: so he put him of this cover 1215 grind and add eggs already in cooled fried stewed cabbage more can be a little bit
  • 03:02: pepper if desired Well, I'm adding greens parsley everything is fine I will mix practically filling is ready what that whisk 3 eggs we fall mix sour cream
  • 03:41: [music] oil we attach gradually flour should be grind
  • 04:15: it with flour and then add a mixture of eggs and sour cream it's all possible even manually because we dough we will knead hands anyway happy abalone so until loosen preferably like this stir with flour homie but it is necessary to look
  • 05:10: add the flour so so that the dough was not very hard so it's better in small portions gently knead dough turns out very pleasant at the touch is light and soft with we leave it still
  • 05:41: somewhere for about 15 minutes relax and you can will bake a cake cover it from above
  • 06:11: let it stand for now here so on the perimeter
  • 07:11: protect 0 and 1 corn and others and now left so do there's a hole in here small for that to go out there air it's water
  • 07:52: it's all ready smeared the hero and set in the oven for a hundred eighty degrees somewhere for a minute thirty forty we will look at readiness now first need to cover
  • 08:23: napkin and leave it to cool down and then you can cut into portioned slices with this test and filling cabbage turned out and cake and pies if I would do on a large baking tray and then it was would have one big pie and so I got not a big pie and pies to the following videos