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SNAILS cottage cheese with apples and cinnamon the Recipe of the TEST Very TASTY PASTRIES the recipe  See details »

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спасибо,это,наверное, очень вкусно!
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  • 00:06: [music] Hello to you and lehr channel with preparing love today will bake very tender and delicious cheese snails with apple and cinnamon fill them with glaze Monaco and sugar baking powder get a very tender and tasty Watch the video for
  • 00:30: cheese buns us need The following products 150 gram home cheese 75 milliliters milk 60 milliliters vegetable refined Oil fell upakovochke vanillin 80 grams sugar and a half teaspoonfuls spoon of baking powder For the filling, we will use two two tablespoons of apple spoons of sugar and cinnamon taste Put the bowl
  • 01:00: curd cheese I soft home not lei so I will not he passed through blender I'm just here Mash it with a spoon and I have it without pictures if you dry low-fat cottage cheese can take advantage of blenders and that's how you make he mashed that was not lumps ford
  • 01:30: adding necessarily in childhood pinch of salt warm milk stir me milk room temperature add vanilla to aroma of ordinary sugar
  • 02:03: cottage cheese dough is very useful and fast preparing and baking with him get a very very tasty adding vegetable refined oil without smell Now here I half the dining room spoon of baking powder mix with flour
  • 02:49: now if we It is tight right now We will knead it is now on the table Put the dough cheese and bridges
  • 03:05: knead the dough dough we should be plastic flexible and of course
  • 03:31: the hammer him too do not need another a little flour exact amount flour will be on video description test we did here
  • 04:01: it is moderately soft and Let us now! filling Now we apples should be cleaned from peels remove the seeds and cut into small cubes can course and rub on I like it more when to enter the cheese biscuits apple snails are cubes Now
  • 04:30: peeled apples cut into small cubes my family very love button so I try to Cook variety and yeast and curd monk ethereal general test I hope my recipes will be useful to you and you happy to be use them Now we proceed to forming rolls
  • 05:01: good sprinkle table flour using rolling pin, roll out in rectangular dough seam the dough should be soft and obedient not break up the dough
  • 05:33: unrolled thickness 3 millimeter Now spread apples here where we 1 turnover will be necessary he more apples Now the rest of all tests I scatter a little
  • 06:00: before reaching the edge Now sprinkle sugar if you eat brown sugar sprinkle brown sugar to taste two or three tablespoons wishes spoons at I dessert spoon so I take longer and sprinkle with cinnamon
  • 06:34: cinnamon with apples very combined rolls obtained fragrant and very delicious sprinkled well, and now our dough we turn to roll toga not turn off hurry presses
  • 07:02: hands roll edge and then go to sleep here so turned drags Roll right edge one disk for 2 Now pinched our roll cut into penechki thickness about 2 centimeters
  • 07:30: and lay on the pan slightly here so hand priplyusnu century duhovochku advance put warm up
  • 08:00: cut neatly and spread on the pan handle pressing down very simple and fast as these bun we do it very tasty fills us
  • 08:37: will direct curd buns cakes cream Now cheese snails I'm going to preheated oven for one hundred and eighty degrees cheese snails bake 40 minutes Now we prepare glaze we
  • 09:01: we shall fill our and fragrant ruddy buns So I measured out powdered sugar here I have 130 grams powdered sugar and Now add milk little by little 3 tablespoons He added and stir [applause] here are two dining rooms spoon will Now stay
  • 09:31: stir well that was not lumps and this glaze we are Fill completely rolls must be slightly warm Now fill and glaze the buns it It is very tasty
  • 10:01: here are ruddy and very tasty cottage cheese with snails apples and cinnamon I have turned sectional bun very tender delicious and juicy subscribe to my channel and put husky you had aero and channel Cooking with love to until we meet again till