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  • 00:05: Today you will show like no one can yet one way how sharpen the saw hacksaw on wood with help here such frank a file program I was such a thing principle not engaged I want called here under referring to the way I
  • 00:31: I'm doing well, people asked me to He demonstrated both in help here such durango a file grind like that not I know how it is get the most sharpen the very, very shoot cooler right now try it all Packing means that you need to know is necessary 1 pet shop you winepress so I arrange three one
  • 01:00: tooth has sharpened I want through ie it would be desirable, this is not the it is not exactly I want it clear steeper Vanya before sharpening you need to make bow divorce is how to do it and do not show no will I have a video who want to see how to divorce is not Now more show people how to prushchego such Peak hone here this saw
  • 01:30: now I try out that the horror xy read a couple of things to beer pilila We need to top tooth edge is it's a shape the first such urgent here here he is this is for a couple to order
  • 02:02: that there will be a saw will cut but will not go on wood here and there I began shorter today I show himself this very It makes sense as both once tight means share files and so here is taken file like this way 1 hand again here this is Now here come here and
  • 02:30: like this welded to hacksaw here will put it do them movements exactly where on the one hand weight do for doing grind like this exactly knock-up left
  • 03:00: sides Now try show other Angle's picks file and take here Now in such a way So this the method is applied I put the tooth not to drag And so from the bottom up
  • 03:34: bottom up and to this country Now all that I old everything here so here way you see
  • 04:03: Well this tooth tooth very, and I will to go from here to here the edges then he turned the saw They made time and reverse side here be so simple way of I think everyone will be it is clear now! a little talk about himself Holder Here's how my beer established but since the line sang
  • 04:35: it aloud with clock mask with rotten if There is nothing wrong here this Article services perhaps years, for five years or six he was your bitten means that and do The it in a vise clamp
  • 05:00: Now click on a I put the saw where I have to I'm here already sharpened area You do not need landing put it there following this way I put here Our sharpened his days you need to have to move here here Do not not to play but
  • 05:30: sealed and principle, I saw called for Well now the point I take the file and time will tell in advance duty camera arm so I have only that showed how needed securities so well and so not not not not to about only later file here and so so that's way
  • 06:01: Here is such a under such an angle worn amassed so loud tooth that's tip in verhushechku Tula is a tooth It became acute here candy
  • 06:32: it will be seen there Now here in this if he has a tooth such a plan would be cut if significantly here so firstly we sharpen saw sharpening we staci
  • 07:00: The same teeth seams near tight and it walking sticks and we need and this tooth is not and touch it sharpen much It turns out to be so do you need file to fail one hand hold Now I'm not the camera arm
  • 07:37: I know who is not seen in proved shark tooth acute filling moves from this side to that appointed based Now sieve and received like that just like that as The island received but
  • 08:00: it can still be trim is not will happen In short, I believe that a you sharpening a file I shown if questions to Ask willing to answer all Thank you [music]