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  • 00:00: hello today I decided to withdraw as a simple roller prepared mustard their own hands constantly when I mother come she always mustard present its own cooking that we To do this, just nothing mustard powder 100 gram vegetable butter tablespoon of salt and sugar is put on taste so I took half teaspoon salt teaspoon of sugar and add dessert a spoonful of vinegar to nine
  • 00:30: and 250 per cent milliliters of water 70 at 60 take degrees bank where mustard will stored to fill up mustard powder adding water water how do you know 60 70 degrees it should be a little hot but than body temperature
  • 01:01: or Here's how comfortable do not It should be comfortable Tom Thumb if not thermometer food and good stir mustard that was not So I took the lumps 250 milliliters why because that mustard me a thick if you want to get more rare is flexible
  • 01:31: then it is possible to take 300 milliliters its OK now mix add salt and even half a spoon I do not I poured everything better try if something else add sugar also not the whole point
  • 02:03: that is, you have to understand that you juniper zu doing in their taste vegetable tablespoon butter Now it was add dessert a spoonful of vinegar to nine percentage not all all all carefully stir and me even a drop of water It left to try
  • 02:33: added sugar salt even a drop of vinegar acute she she me and what it is acute in the total vinegar complexity get about tablespoon I look good I stirred the mustard on taste so good it I still hot as
  • 03:06: hot cushy cover with a lid I have this cloth I rule to hide new bank ipad I'm still in it terry towel 15-20 minutes later arose and once again prevented and once again interfere in basically have to learn ready she should walk mixed with all
  • 03:38: salt ingredients sugar and vinegar vegetable oil can be taken food all my mustard cool it is ready It is all easily and just why not make your own mustard she turned sharp straight as much but asks so be healthy mustard necessary take moderately from who is a kidney uniquely and prevention
  • 04:08: and disease and need always eat all good and to new meetings bye bye