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  • 00:00: Hello Friends you again I evgeny Bagaev and companies killing cosmetics today we are with you we will explore the eye area is very important and in many people are very the problem areas we will work with following problems overhang upper eyelid laxity the skin around the eyes crow's feet wrinkles under the eyes as well as swelling and bags under the eyes so We start with you from the first exercise for eyes She will be
  • 00:30: gymnastic we We will be with you strengthen internal muscles and an eye exercise helps you remove the swelling and bags especially good you do it in the morning It called glance Shiva we are going to look first right down follow my Drag your finger right up Now we draw zigzag to the left to the right left right we reach to the lowest point From the left side looks up I go down again we continue to draw Here is such a zigzag complex figure we We will draw it
  • 01:00: helps you very quickly strengthen internal eye muscles and due to the fact that eyes move in different sides of you added Lymphatic Drainage the effect of that is all excess moisture that collects and gives swelling of the eye soon will go can you exercise to do from 10 to 20 times refer to your feelings If your eyes get tired it perfectly normal over time your muscles internal
  • 01:30: eyes will be strengthened and you will not You will feel such discomfort and again and if we return Your eyes are tired pat after this exercise, We start with you study outer circumferential eye muscle to problem that It connects the eyes Basically due to the her because the muscles 1 and if any part of the sag or lose tone or vice versa is clamped leads to specific problems and wrinkles etc. so we first, we do first we exercise strengthen and upper
  • 02:00: eyelid to it we become more and elastic skin on it we stretched fingers place in the corners necessarily apply the fingers fully to face make sure that you well fixed exterior corners and Now we will tightly closed eyes presses do Used for breath a second opening breath and pressed open to press and tight that you You feel like you stiffens the top lid and tighten zone under the toes pressured
  • 02:31: opening pressed opens near you must not move absolutely eyebrows forehead relaxed work only eye the last time we press down delayed by 5 seconds and relax eye blink relax your eyes then we'll be with you study area lower eyelid to to do this here region of uniform to remove bags or tighten gaps below eyes so we soldier place as well as in previous exercise exert be sure to cheek fingers lift eyes up not a little
  • 03:01: roll one's eyes find vile phase currently a point on the wall where to look and and now we tightens the bottom because if Vera He screwed up his eyes tightened released tightened released you focus You should be well feel lower eyelid you should not up jumping eyebrows but voltage should be enough necessarily strong keep well here here's external area and a little bit finger to wrap it center of the face because that if you keep here here the majority of
  • 03:31: muscles you do not fix and we it is important to very strong fixation and a few more times tightens hold tightens let go of the last Hold time if Now relaxed clap eyes blink following exercise which will show you it will be you to strengthen top eyelid and again will give additional Lymphatic Drainage effect to clean here here here swelling and bags we first close eyes and will roll pupils forgery of the upper eyelids
  • 04:01: try maximum leave closed to them Do not jump up you them resist movement of the upper when the movement of the pupil you feel it stress you are putting Now here's fingers carefully pads apply the under lower eyelids there is no do not force pull the too easy offered and now we We continue to do same exercise fingers fingers you feel movement eyeball it will be like a little rest on the
  • 04:31: them and thus have You will have a easy Lymphatic Drainage zone massage under eye excess moisture will go and the last time we delayed if relaxed blinked It is also very good all relax following exercise which will show you this is my favorite exercise eyes it first It strengthens the very strong upper eyelids making the eyes more they have little will constantly wide open and relieves spasm orbicularis oculi muscle because when we schurimsya such as
  • 05:01: sun or when we We laugh at us here here's to the outside sides orbicularis oculi muscle there are small such clamps crease when we do this exercise you Conversely muscle will punish and so we eyes bulge we We look ahead neither up nor down and in front of a very wide open the eye as much as possible They opened a second-hand very relaxed opened wide Used to weaker The wider you it turns to open eyes the better the longer you the effect of exercise the most important thing to You are not strained
  • 05:31: eyebrows do not jump up unclench his teeth and lips if eyebrows you can rise fix them first fingers on your job is to have Your eyes move apart from the others and the last time we open your eyes very widely used and all relaxes blink if the eyes tired of this exercise You can also used as an ambulance if you laughing or squinting and notice that you quickly been laid here here's wrinkles under the eyes go there is the toilet Stand in front of mirror of
  • 06:01: buckles and eyes some times you see that the wrinkles immediately disperse I also want to show you one exercise it It helps us to leave upper eyelid's here's to the outside parts how we his do we work with the help of the eyebrows, we here and so we put Two palms under I put together a little expand their fanned out to you fixed side of the forehead area, too and now we lift only eyebrow corners understand letting lift let go of your job erected to
  • 06:32: frontal temporal lobes muscles and the center of the other way around He left without movements such way you will strengthen sides frontal muscle you rise corners eyebrows and stretch the upper eyelid with the outside eyes you even visually here now if you look in the mirror will see as your tightened outside eyes as it to you It gives very good habit if you you wonder only to be surprised corners of the eyebrows and you will not balk the main part of the forehead it is very useful and
  • 07:03: a very important habit still doing some just pull a maximum strength well fixed so here's not here creases were still do 3 2, and now we tightened Stuck all perfectly relaxed even after that complex you immediately you will see that eyes We change opened wider and swelling are gone swelling do it is this complex day if you problem area You do twice day especially in the morning and I wish you to your
  • 07:33: eyes always shone before meetings