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  • 00:00: Good day to all my name is Olga and I am happy welcome you to our channel 1 Country when fertility the soil is reduced It affects not only on the quantity but also on the as collected our fruits and vegetables on our site some of them are shrinking tasteless and often affected by different diseases and pests and causes to reduce soil fertility Of course a lot but the most frequent this example
  • 00:31: failure to comply with crop rotation that is, at one and the same site we several consecutive years 7 the same culture or burn weeds on the bare ground thus destroying and destroying the structure microflora or too monitor Earth in quotes course that is tearing everything and land is neatly thus we too We bring her harm the has subjected aqueous or e.g. windy land erosion
  • 01:01: It should not be bare she must be constantly covered in general reasons for the decline soil fertility you can list infinitely important as the stop this soil depletion return it fertility or improve its structure but the first is of course fertilize different vegetable waste torn weeds fallen leaves old straw and also use humus and compost
  • 01:31: but that's exactly what I think the main and important is sowing green manure That's how my look bed in the first end of August immediately after harvest garlic on it yet had a little mulch it rotted sawdust not dig I rake the beds leveled shuffled balances with mulch earth removed existing weeds and then the whole flower bed sowed and phacelia I sow scatter
  • 02:02: continuous sowing wherein sow siderates then more densely He walked rake that all seeds have been embedded in usually when I land I sow green manure I try to follow weather forecast If rain is expected then it's time to do sowing green manure so as not to expend energy for irrigation of seedbeds otherwise they simply bad but ascend so it looks like this bed after a month the target is excellent
  • 02:32: Now grown vitro They will not dry up ground abundant autumn rains and spring melting snow will not Now wash out soil nutrients ground substance rich in humus and nitrogen as well developed root planted system autumn green manure raises of more deep layers on the surface of potassium and phosphor green manure can help get rid of various pests and diseases
  • 03:03: inhibit plant weed growth but also as a consequently all certainly raise yield but so September 23 look bed after cleaning onions and explosion lion and I ploskorez I drew back and grooves in them, I Baba planted the beans and he brought up the past in summer just landed Well little bushes they are so prolific that turned a package for the year in their food nowhere
  • 03:33: used so with big pleasure I sent them siderates furrows sown with the women sprinkle ground All work is carried ploskorez but so This bed looks today at the beginning of September two weeks passed after sowing and there is still a whole September they are pretty hardy women It grows very quickly and can acquire a very greater good green mass of women
  • 04:03: a rich source of Nitrogen is one of the best green manure and here is one more bed in late August I have just I removed a look grown on it for one year through seedlings purified from a bed Ezra and weeds barn and ladle just sprinkling a fan of buckwheat seeds Buckwheat is the best green manure for planting in garden it is effective displaces weeds It enriches the soil organic
  • 04:33: phosphorus compounds and potassium and like this It looks like my crap two weeks later after planting is unique plant because it can grow in the poorest soils which has nothing to though it is growing sensitive to cold and prolonged but I hope that the drought we will not soon come the hall yes and autumn drought in We never smells so buckwheat time to build enough green
  • 05:03: the masses do not always like something compare experiment and But in those days when I sowed buckwheat and women, I decided to sow a few species of green manure for this I I prepare the site de rose about potatoes I leveled unconsolidated divided by 3 uniform farm to 1 beds planted oats oats excellent green manure He is able to quickly ramp up the required volume
  • 05:33: green mass but his sow in autumn too late periods it is not necessary as it is not He likes to frost and underground not planting culture is good moistureloving and most of all It requires moisture during Seed germination of 2 I sow the beds besides mustard soil enrichment and growth suppression weed it protects the land of wireworm mustard quickly It forms a powerful the root system
  • 06:04: culture photophilous demanding to moisture during germination cold-resistant and can growing in late autumn at 34 degrees only heat shoot withstand frosts and how much more likely useful it It brings everything and but a third count I took a bed phacelia is generally my favourite it is suitable green manure virtually any excellent soil baking powder
  • 06:34: and due to the short vegetation period of goals it can be sown for season several times the target universal completely friendly green manure it you can use to protect the seedlings tomatoes and cucumbers cabbage in one of Spring Video I shows how I increases in the target greenhouse and I drop tomatoes right in between her seedlings seeds all green manure I did for the ground
  • 07:04: rake like this these beds looked a week oats yet not ascended in power and Mustard went well and mustard I would said even longer I have gained green mass and here three beds later a week that is 2 weeks after sowing Phacelia and mustard more grown and oats and probably not ascended something I have to
  • 07:34: seeds these seeds as mustard seeds I acquired on bird market stand they're inexpensive and whole sale buckets but the seeds of phacelia and buckwheat I subscribed green manure on the internet can and should planted during season because that where not growing something we need the same will grow something absolutely we do not need and so instead of to fight
  • 08:05: weed better to sow green manure and benefits It is much more and the eyes will nice to look at the green carpet But on this garden of a week ago I eg removed carrots and already He begins to go Mustard should be the main abide by the rules that it is impossible to sow culture belonging to one family immediately after each other e.g. cabbage or beets after
  • 08:35: on this site grown canola or mustard as all they relate to one family so for green manure and for the main vegetable crops It is also required crop rotation and not to confused better keep your notebook where all the beds will marked and written on them What is culture for what and how after a green manure culture is called let the soil on your
  • 09:06: sites always be fertile and delight It has excellent harvests subscribe to Channel 1 and Vacation be healthy