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  • 00:00: we are in the Bourne Barcelona this quarter is is near to the sea and it's all fishermen I parted well right this is a small door but it's a big door this Teresa 18th century its original because this house is the old fisherman house
  • 00:34: and they are cadet want to save the wall the century late 18th century on the door this door is original we come on this is the the first bedroom the first bedroom this is a big glass cube that is the shower it's very sexy but if you want some privacy tea you can
  • 01:07: you can to keep the privacy t you know buy this apartment like a play of boxes it's a play of boxes you can see that the bathroom is not all of the same level of of the floor Takamatsu pending early lighted palestine lessons under the gameinfo que que no está en el
  • 01:37: suelo notice tacoma flow tango it's a small but the gas and give you another sensation the space is bigger shower a little space to use different this
  • 02:08: this space is even used as a shower I thought that was wasted space before this I like Vermont is in spot room because it's very very special it's elegant and it's functional solution add design all the wood it's very warm it's a mix between the stone and the
  • 02:48: would you feel more this a special wood is the same wood dad ships okay well yeah both yes it's like this the spaces are a movement is dynamic you know these door is open this is closed and we can transform the spaces this is one bed one bedroom come on with
  • 03:20: me and this is a a garden at original garden is special because this in vertical it's like a hanging garden this is Spain without use so just taking advantage of empty space yes this is a little wrapper and come on this is the kitchen another cube of of glass and you
  • 03:51: have all these and fridge freezer and is this is the same space but with the glass if you are cooking something you are to doing fish it's better that all these clothes no you can open hi hahaha here is the cooker the dishwasher the
  • 04:26: washing machine is here all you need for for the kitchen place plates glasses cups all the things of the kitchen here are more a lot of space you have all you need it's very good because all the space are functional is a good tube with all you need and this is the the living
  • 04:58: room kitchen and bedroom this is the living room but we are we have two spaces yes two spaces with in one minute you can this is a dark one bedroom and the living room you can have more privacy tea with this eyes so it's close it's really better now it's
  • 05:30: close its close this a bit is good bedroom with the two legs with the Wardrobe after to sleep you want to just see the faces on the other people and say good morning you get transformed open the doors close the door separate the locations if we have three or four persons in the same apartment
  • 06:06: and one of them want to sleep and then you go to sleep and others we can hang out in the same apartment at the same time another bed three persons competition every pair yes all these very easy to do and to open to close is very functional this apartment it reminds you of a boat because a lot a lot of things in the old door the center
  • 06:39: the 18th century and the wood of the of the boards this passage long our power hole this hole and and all the functional of the of the bed the wardrobes and you can do to doing to put the door they take out this dynamic is like you are in a boat in a valley
  • 07:12: community a little fellow a salut all this more it's very very special so you have here the shower by doing the but here the bathtub seller to floor it's nice it's nice it's cool its
  • 07:52: original it's a good a little generic ESP home look at a meal off the background yeah yeah it's very functional yeah if you don't want to take the shower you can change a small bath you don't need a big big big jacuzzi to do in we we have the things with the possibilities that we have but I think that our good possibilities if
  • 08:23: you and she here is a home but another way to understand the house play the doors the dynamic doors that you can do it more like bliss it's not the home with the sofa and the table and the television to eat to watch the
  • 08:53: television not all the the doors are always in that man is dynamic for people that who's doing the different things or our different rhythms you can prove different possibilities not always the same no same family a typical family always possible and it could even be good for a growing family yeah they go away they come back come back you can do in a bath in the floor
  • 09:26: it's the different possibilities this is very thing but you can here cannot leave five pitiful persons without problems all the apartment is communicate you can see the living another bedroom it's a question of to use the spaces with
  • 09:57: intelligence I have a little space and can I do it to a organicide better than the things that the people know