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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today Marina and you Lomako we will prepare cucumber salad on winter all I think faced with a problem when across cucumbers nekonditsiya example here such and such here especially if such cucumbers much I I found a way out and several provisions s already doing so way so
  • 00:31: I decided to share with you suddenly you I am very useful is pleased that this it is necessary to cucumbers Spice up your favorite Well as usual jars brine begin to cooking cucumber and the need to clean the Now these bokovinok tails and cut melenko you usually cut on
  • 01:01: cucumber salad in winter that's how I cut them that's cute Now what we do take a jar take such jars when do you usually cut on the salad in the winter cucumbers what you take liter cans half-liter ready with ready-made cucumbers in the same way and then take such
  • 01:32: a jar that you comfortable I came to which is convenient for me 700 k decompose each jar of spices on your taste in my garlic, bay leaf and fresh dill as I peppercorns Unfortunately not
  • 02:03: It appeared at hand so I close today without pepper peas Well, I think that from that cucumbers are not suffer the taste Now I laid out jars of cucumbers still to fill boiling water and close the cover before full cooling Now I cover them caps and leave it to
  • 02:42: full cooling and then we will fill brine cucumbers completely cooled Now we need to merge water jars with me directly I am doing just such a measuring cup to know in advance how many I just like to do split on how much Now water is do Rasul ie in this water add
  • 03:13: salt and sugar boil draw your attention the fact that you can just about make to your taste What do you like me I am doing so on the brine one and a half liters of water 5 tablespoons sugar salt 2 tablespoons and essences 70 acetic acid, 70 percent teaspoon is on liter jar under cover
  • 03:44: because I've got a 700k I I will do well half a teaspoon under cover and then pour boiling brine Now all you need add sugar and salt to put on pickle I ready Now I add on half a teaspoon in
  • 04:14: each jar I repeat acetic Essence 70 percent on-liter jar goes teaspoon pour boiling brine here are cucumbers in eventually obtained remain only in winter open jar drained cucumber and to salad you ready
  • 04:45: pleasant to all of you appetite Invite you subscribe to my youtube and you will always channel will see my New video recipes I all of you will be very glad you health and your loved ones