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  • 00:00: in this short video I'll show you how home cook just such Super which shavermu you will dream Hello everyone went to Alex on you, we find your channel recipe shawarma or shaverma it does not matter friends only vote how popular and this eastern appetizer how popular it has become in our that is, if the country to say yes who is not caught say anything because it is popular maybe except Sofia Rotaru yes or alla e.g. Pugachev Nekrasov shaverma could sing it
  • 00:30: reel it on Eurovision represent our the country's how it is popular in my look just sell all and sundry on every step of her trying to do yes even forged songs in the u-tube passed sings the best humor hammer in the u-tube there afraid to make some control over her know hanged just in a frame set hanged on wall do not argue tasty snacks very tasty if make and cook right way supermarkets know
  • 01:00: They tried to sell such as land supermarkets it is clear that this is not Sushi is so miserable the similarity is the same, and shawarma there on my look at all show room key moment it is necessary to right thing to do salad without extra I like the bells and whistles I do not understand but in the shawarma pepper and your cucumber is two such taste parallel to that I think not intersection try for example poured tea to pour to salt and sugar how tasty drink will be but at the same I think in the shawarma pickled cucumber and
  • 01:30: bell pepper Generally you need to properly salad to choose meat to good meat lay any thing absolutely to pork beef we do in chicken Generally the recipe I today show hundred percent I say to you that if you You do this recipe you either will beg to go and let your recipe acquaintances whom you Treat whether your friends pictures or permanently will go to you guests and cons to is prepared because so delicious key moment, I do not again
  • 02:00: said the most crucial This sauce is needed do the right thing delicious sauce which also today we show We will prepare from Chicken that is, the first thing we do we go store and select a good group of fresh to smell good flowers bluish or in any case, and chop it on here Here steaks such as I am small small stacks not small small medium Such are the stacks cut into friends at once
  • 02:30: after cut here on such stacks we need them to recapture that is put cheese on top of the bag to to meat spattered not and flew here and so neatly repel it. each steak in general recaptured each piece and with each side sprinkled to taste salt and I have the seasoning is a mixture of peppers know there red pepper and sprinkled with each side Now put the taste it's all in one remove the container
  • 03:00: somewhere to infuse while we chop vegetables removed the chicken let she will stand on small to impregnated spices and take cabbage better to prepare from Chinese cabbage is softer get a very tasty shinkuem on such small fine part in the general see the show right now which parts shredded Chinese cabbage here such smaller parts and remove and takes over The following vegetables for year and tomatoes go friend us I need somewhere
  • 03:30: Here are four such small cucumber medium cucumber cut them chop cucumbers here Here on such straws into thin straws cut and one more thing And so the two halves But on these here parts cut all four Musa sliced ​​cucumbers Now we take a blast undertake the tomatoes cut into But on these here parts
  • 04:00: Here such here fourth of roundels chop tomatoes here for us and somewhere 4 Cucumber was five stuff such medium small tomatoes forward cut in total Now cut vegetables undertake the preparation corporate super sauce that will on the basis of mayonnaise 250 gram glass cup slightly less than half cup mayonnaise as many
  • 04:30: exactly the same checkers ketchup can tomato paste drafts from outside Barbecue and ketchup squeezing glass [music] then friends adjika if anyone wants a string and I like to make it street when it is possible to basically do not add if this ingredient you do not want to It was a sharp taste It was to shaverma that is, I put on here so many tablespoon without
  • 05:01: slides adzhika ft teaspoon without slides adzhika dining it was a gesture then unbearably half teaspoon spoon without slides salt and a teaspoon without sugar roller coaster Now for the sauce shinkuem greens here and a sprig of parsley dill and onion shinkuem it's pretty finely went
  • 05:31: shredded melenko greens add it to the glass and carefully carefully all mix business Friends in general have stirred our sauce Now it is removed that he always he stood, and the Let us time myasko ie us now we need to be fry good on our skovorodochke breast that is, we We take this for pan with thick walls walls
  • 06:01: that she did not fast behind chicken evenly fry the highest fire and we have included stove that she heated up to chicken was crispy top she managed to rally and there inside juice is preserved roast chicken pan Haskalah to I repeat pour sunflower oil Now she, too, a little cinnamon on will spread Our steaks oil Incandescent Put the chicken [applause] side affects horoshenechko
  • 06:32: fry watching that it does not burnt and turn over to the other side 5-7 minutes have passed note yet She placed a piece of because chicken roast away exempt place you can throw only important remember how piece given to him in Basically seen the there is now overturn seen that until golden our chicken browned and now stand other countries for the same degree we bring a chicken same condition with each hand roasted
  • 07:02: our hen minutes 10 to 15 in the general look on order up to such able to bring crackling and cut like this Here is a way that is not too small to She felt so for such pieces in Generally you have seen so some chicken showroom, I usually chop cut approximately equal chicken parts we become a kilogram It was the chicken is not so Now many kilograms breasts and sex kilogram Beijing cabbage I had not
  • 07:32: I said at the beginning but Now I am speaking now 11 living moments We need to correct pack our shavermu Currently sauce gave flavor yum-yum sauce smeared on Armenian lavash went after the how horoshenechko smeared sauce caused sauce put Cabbage and I in Chinese cabbage
  • 08:03: myasko chicken putting some general There should be two to one up meat should be less than half I have just a salad view and cabbage cucumber and tomatoes that is posted myasko I love so generously put more even than meat and sometimes put is now following vegetables is cucumbers put here so that's how such Makar ie straws put yes
  • 08:33: so here and remained in tomatoes [music] We are of such the number of products get somewhere 3-4 good shaverma now it neatly and tight twirl it have pay attention and repeat for me as I do that's the way
  • 09:08: twisted our shavermu need now will step up to the plate and heat it to our pita and fixed at he became a crisp up crispy and all inside the lock that he ingredients until well restrained and sauce I will not run away sit down to a plate Now is the time try our got notice attention to a very important information friends that we do not fry it for a long time, we literally heated to butter here such a beautiful thing we get Now consider in its
  • 09:38: see section what it is crispy but evidently that the crust is crispy it locks all within well kept forbid Do not greet here Such is the beauty in section and look so then we have turned you can even say big shavermy such 4 large pieces up name here for this scene count up how many will be released on products or if you bought Now this little Thing in store here it is possible four peasants overeat just here it is really you
  • 10:18: I will dream I said at the beginning of the video if you repeat and as I have done very tasty sauce straight perfect better sauce I have not seen it sense not tried shaverma friends reconsider video, first to end repeat also the fact that I I showed you get the same yummy to you it was Alex, we channel for your recipe subscribe to our Channel place husky write comments all while