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Master class "Шапочка-шлем" - YouTube

Master class "Шапочка-шлем" - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Today I'll show you how to make just such a here's cap-helmet it is very convenient children she closes neck children usually do not They love to wear scarves and therefore, such a cap it is very convenient It can be worn as the boys and girls First we will do I made the pattern in
  • 00:32: player on your model you can repeat or pick up on it its size Now as you can see width at top 20 it cm total the width of the cap 23 centimeter here yet one and a half centimeters Add extension that on the shoulders of both the shoulders lying Beanie convenient common height 31 caps centimeter cutout
  • 01:04: person note that the deepest place he 18 centimeters but not carved faces completely under the oval his chin more cut on less and end switches practically straight This angle is not sure to follow because you can not here to do here
  • 01:34: so here is a corner when you forehead will be here such as the Mysik so here also not necessarily leave almost almost right angle well Here are the main this angle parameters You can do 90 degrees can be make it to here so here little corner here high as you like this hat can not sew Only with such knitted fabric you can make from here
  • 02:04: Here's a rice I took from the top blue bike inside thin, too soft get a very warm cap sewing a hat We need I took lining white fleece for backing we need It is common
  • 02:34: gum desirable Here is such a fabric she usually is used for cove cuff we need is a piece fabrics for processing hats near the face around the face and of itself cloth cap I have here a Now I decided to bowl out
  • 03:05: He sew this beanie hat for my my child can and of course to make and with optional such fabric can do all cap Fleece can take old sweater assume that already you do not wear out it can also be make a hat from center in this case you will be on top of the seam
  • 03:37: and behind it is not well scary and allowed and of course you need will itself Pattern I made the pattern I myself will do for her child in her head circumference 49 centimeters if you will need more or smaller you
  • 04:07: will need a adjust the pattern for your size outline the pattern first lined here I fold fabric passes note that I have on the pattern is virtually right angle Optionally, you can this angle a bit to pull at Cap was such as Timka a little bar
  • 04:38: dlinnenky tail this is purely optional cut out the pattern seam allowance can be leave a minimum no more than five because millimeters that the fabric always Stitch nye drag and large allowances there is no need at this stage you
  • 05:19: can immediately for stitch back seam leaving here a small hole for eversion and measure your foundation for a child can be it will have to somehow adjust that it was not too much noticed that
  • 06:08: I pad carve carved with and at right angles the most basic fabric I did a little bit an elongate tip hats are now an important detail as I scarf knitted needed and chop off his Here, it is desirable that
  • 06:39: sewn seam is not immediately getting out cutout face around the face first close to the edge stitch on machine large stitching and then cut it done in order to have knitted woven fabric is not scattered here at We will be laid
  • 07:10: rezinochka so necessarily make mark where it will be necessary sew gum Here I am now stitched back seam and paved control control to cut bag around the face that the seam
  • 07:42: to do only that if you gas to the underlying tissue if you loose tight it is not have to do Now we will calculate what to do stripes around the face measure our the pattern on my 25 two centimeters a number It means the total length It should be 50 but it place to be
  • 08:13: slightly constricted so I did striped 40 cm and a width of 7 centimeters because I have it will emerge in two rows and we be cut the required length it will gum laid here here I have 24 centimeter extended form but hat we should be contracted so
  • 08:43: I took rezinochku 32 centimeter here I I put on an elastic band and how far from the mark to be sewn gum tails I I left for to make it easier and sew when stretch it It will be sewn in stretched state common right our joint disposal gum on target When sewing the gum line so it was
  • 09:15: evenly distributed and fix her scribbling We will be stretched a position to ordinary straight stitching so I stitched gum now we will sew rim around the face for it we define seredinku It can be a bit like this
  • 09:45: make an incision on both parties do These are small here notch and chop off the front aside from the front starting from the tip anchoring the middle of a
  • 10:19: and a second end Now stretching rim evenly
  • 10:49: distribute it entire length Now stitched
  • 11:25: rim caps in stretched state Now that all these here at start-up, we went stretching Now repeat the Same with our lining and and need to sew like this add up the lining face to face and fix just as well
  • 11:57: as if fixed base fabric on fixed I rounded areas I make a small notches in the press Our cap looks so now here the next step I
  • 12:34: I strongly advise you about Now throw the seams laying the seam seam allowance side caps with both sides need to here and so good lock the seam allowance in side caps Here's what our cap today turn out inside out and we have our Now this one seam To do this, we combine
  • 13:04: sure all seams chop off their fix allowances seam side caps and paving here
  • 13:47: Now there's a seam our gut-wrenching hat face side invest lining basic cap and Now we have our looms
  • 14:17: cap that we like this that's not shared Lining from here hat we need Here lay here seam to do this we must accurately combined joint lining and seam basic cap top fix it bulavochkami
  • 14:49: right here and so Palpable one seam other and combine their shear across circle and here
  • 15:19: that's close to the edge paving the seam and now we The final stage our cap to hem bottom His mother set fire There are two ways 1 easier it just up and down handle overlock
  • 15:52: and tuck stitch here Here we will have a bottom gently closed but it needs it was up to the cap 3 centimeters long cut than lining there is another method he more complicated and I I advise those who still not quite sure in their abilities
  • 16:22: use the first method simply return so here and whether stitch as carefully and will look good to those who are confident in the field I-reliance I propose to do slightly differently it needs to imagine how should be with us yesterday These two webs they must be sewn That's how it is, we
  • 16:52: we press the seam and the seam gut-wrenching like this we must was held on wrong side we add face to face and seamy side shear just as we repeat with the front seam
  • 17:22: We add up the seam face to face and shear now we here But in lining inside there is a hole we need through this
  • 17:53: hole Now get these here Scouts seams very neatly take out and continue put the face with face and shear It is perhaps the most
  • 18:58: difficult time in tailoring of the cap now I stabbed all bottom caps on seamy side now need pave the seam you should start to sew Now that seam gradually I laid along the edge But the next seam and return I am pulling step by
  • 19:28: step and reach the 2 seam So I stitched on circle is not completely out of hats and now it is necessary pull it back from this hole so we've got hemmed cuffs
  • 19:58: now need this hole either sew on hands or for he wrote bottom caps sweeping up to the edge and Here lay here anchoring place him to you like this and forks not hanging almost cap in
  • 20:32: We will be ready here Our hat is ready so now here looks it is possible to decorate who wants donuts be sure to advise you tip lining and a tip cap string together to you lining Now that's not so It fell out in child when he hat takes it can do just
  • 21:02: I fix pompons you can fix hat tip [music]