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To the beginning welders. Welding of pipes of small diameter. Lesson No. 2.

To the beginning welders. Welding of pipes of small diameter. Lesson No. 2.  See details »

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  • 00:00: good afternoon today's video I I want to tell you it means how you tell the beginner pipe welder inch pipe 25 diameter and here I am prepared means 20 20 trumpet three quarters so called here we are cut and seized prepared now let's see what it means usually roll the pipe
  • 00:30: here in this position euro total was for beginners Well done here. draws to get a here let's see if in such situation with us yes you have to cook preferably herringbone cook here, see like this one time time herringbone intermittent walking do intermittent walked like this macar checks and cook If we brew
  • 01:01: horizontal seam garp mental walking here in this position then we start from here the electrode is inclined here and circular of movement we cook here and so cook check the mill for beginners welder is desirable start and government boiled it off blocked cooked He dismissed ago returned cooked let go said let go well if so
  • 01:32: when will we dial skills will be good arc retention skills then it is already possible there will be a total pick up then if the three electrode is enough will be what 110 depending on thickness of metal from thickness of pipes and now pipes we have different different thicknesses so we have somewhere in the two millimeters two with half the thickness walls
  • 02:03: Let's see forget the technique security be sure to were dressed for gauntlets glasses glasses are required but glasses if sight Good points are not Need but I mean when we beat slag here let's see how to brew it inch pipe of the year on the grass
  • 02:35: it is now more necessary crowns overlap mark where we are on the film is over and
  • 03:05: welding so on the sly little by little little by little Let's cook, let's cheer see how we conducted unscramble to chat and
  • 03:36: let 's look at the shevchik Well, well, watercolors here's a man more or less cute sheep here from and it is brewed for novice welder It is necessary to cook this scroll joint turn well if already in places where he is no longer scrolls there already there should be even also host a show and here it's let's
  • 04:07: now we'll see how He speaks horizontal seam pay attention to that in this way means we start to cook
  • 04:38: from here we begin and how would come back cook and go back nails under do as ringlet anyway on circle in a circle like this here in a circle in a circle now look listen to them get good what dense that flat without without drugs without Well here you have you but it is necessary that there was not demanding to select top-three
  • 05:08: electrode on this pipe three quarters enough is 90100 and where this is every pick up for themselves I asked that you asked to show small groups like cook small tubes subscribe to my channel do you like me i I will answer with pleasure