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Really working mask from mimic and senile wrinkles  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Good day my favorite spectator and today will do famous cool working on a mask wrinkles and chief component of our is rice flour Friends if you have not Subscribe to my channel tips subscribe after not signed Remember to click on the bell yes you fucking withdrawal new video draw flour, I'll do it myself so
  • 00:32: both in our sales just do not take away rice grinder I grind some it all depends on the time of rice and then some through a strainer it turns out here such Now flour flour flour, so we need flour one egg Only yolk oil can be used sea buckthorn oil or I'll use
  • 01:02: cedar oil specially I turned to you We did not think it advertising oil well us It needs vitamin E. and vitamin and that's all I I buy at the pharmacy I work such need 2 teaspoons tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons Spoon not to slide rice flour one yolk 2 drops
  • 01:35: vitamin E, and one ampoule vitamin and I I do such a a small incision a sharp knife as we have in the same dull It is not very Well pierced hour squeeze out gelatin shell
  • 02:06: we do not need stir if you mask get too the liquid can add a little more very important meal that it's mass was so consistency to avoid dripping heavily on face there is very liquid liquid add a little more all It depends on the spoon are different spoons
  • 02:37: There are different eggs and here and now she is my That's just such a consistency headquarters can be applied now proceed to the Application is necessary or a little steam out face with warm compress to for 5 minutes or simply rinse and when you wash off make just warm vodichku to face and hold or I do basically the Mask to keep
  • 03:09: exactly 12 minutes [music] smyvaem warm water and then we put Moisturizer decrease
  • 03:54: manifestations facial or senile wrinkles recommended use this mask course of 12 to 12 15 sessions semiannually It can be done through day I practice so even more convenient to which makes this mask general rice flour for face this chic components if you do not We knew all use it perfectly rejuvenates mattes also nourishes the skin
  • 04:25: needed microelements macronutrients improves muscle tone and if you You do a course on really notice result no need to thank Thank you all for all attention to next meeting