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SMART FLOWERS FROM the REMAINS the YARN \/ Lung needlework  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day to all especially those who interested our column utilitarian needlework I am today I want to share with you another way to determine the remaining yarn I I began to knit for children baby blanket and now I want Share it way with you here you You see what we this bit will products for your products took more
  • 00:33: thin thread and to display elements respectively of the no blanket sword and turned to I take the show larger hook and thread on tighter you first is wound on finger twice end of your strings put on the hook fasten it on thread on these petelechka shoot with
  • 01:04: fingers and obliges we circle twelve columns, without sc 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 89
  • 01:35: 10 eleven 12 then for the remainder of the tip you pull tighten thread our circle below 1 first petelechku type hook and fasten our polustolbikom circle to form
  • 02:06: we make petals 2 aerial loops and Further, we were binding lush columns in the loop which first which secured with three columns nakida not provyazyvaya March 2 there is not provyazyvaya these 3 column we Again do three column with sc in the following loop
  • 02:36: 12 3 Now all the columns on the hook we We associate with selling 2 Air loops and anchoring our first petal we fasten it in too, and Tinkoff that we
  • 03:06: provyazyvali 3 after them with the column sc in here consolidate and polustolbikom also assistance we polustolbikom go next loop again, we do 2 aerial loops and again with 3 column nakida February 3, and the following 1 2 3 petelechku together
  • 03:43: provyazyvaem of 2 aerial loops do not and secured using polustolbika We move on to the next loop back via polustolbika so we finish our last flower sixth petal we had 12 and Kirichek on himself following 2
  • 04:13: petelechki petal it turns 6 23 petals provyazyvaem 2 aerial loops and fasten thread 1 2 if you thread thinner sc It may be no more than 3
  • 04:43: 5 points or thread that you then you are left You can either tie and cut or else I pull in my Tighten the product itself knitting and you see nowhere the tips of the threads of not seen here such we get floret Now I'll show you how to combine colors with one another I cut to the middle
  • 05:15: Now will show you how in the charging process associate these flowers 1 2 Air loops 1 2 3 do nakida January 2 3 sc their wall together after this ready to take element
  • 05:45: turn it upside down seamy side Me and provyazyvaete connect in the center petals here you can see where there is a central petelechka and here for this the central petelechku you connect your elements on provyazyvaete 2 air loop and fasten lepestochek go to
  • 06:16: next st 1 I think that You may need those elements after chic you have everything you knit but I prefer their bind process knitted goods or pulling the and pulled again
  • 06:49: central to the seamy side the central loop joined that's the way in you get compound your articles here in this way try try goodbye