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ArtStil School: Decolouration of hair

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А защиту какую-то используете при процедуре обесцвечивания?
Например, Олеоплекс?
Я/ как-то делала в салоне с ним, понравилось. Волосы обычно после становились сухими, а тут нет, мягкие и шелковистые.
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  • 00:00: hello today we will talk about blondes are very few questions about the name how to make clean uniform color Here is our model Tony today we evens regrown roots first we need to to evaluate the base at the roots and length of hair for In order to properly to evaluate the very base well here such here catalog cases we can otsoedenit desired
  • 00:31: our strands of hair and very basic phrase Cornyn and identified 3505 or labor 5 so that Now here's the important Vase in length line very similar to the color 8/1 level eight
  • 01:01: and our task will become clean uniform These two colors probably for many considered that the difference between the roots and long we have only only three colors can be pick up and lighten roots with the help of special dyes for but the fact is that before the price of a box and we have achieved here this level by desaturate if we
  • 01:31: Now let us take dyes mountain special blond is coming up at the country will be Colin different from the general so the length of In order to achieve the overall smooth and pure color us necessary discolor root and then protonated hair over the entire length we now zaymomsya for provisioning of hair in We have the presence of three product multi blonde Extra soft and it cable Blonde multiband this classic powder to bleach
  • 02:01: Extra number is blond powder provisioning with while toning for give the cold shades it better used to much darker databases ranging from second level and approximately to a level of 4 5 may well be in extreme cases of post Blonde This cream discoloration today, for we choose multiple powder Right now our administrators by Oksana show Now this product
  • 02:31: a powder product for we use two types of oxidizing one oxidizer 4 percent color touch another he really vaux 6 per cent, we will use by phasing and application providing month start over with a smaller percentage s4 Percentage and finish 6 percent very frequently asked question what proportion we mix bleaching a drug it all depends on instructions
  • 03:02: instructions we mix the drug proportion of from 1 to half and up ratio of one to two here we choose proportion 1 2 4 interest oxidants we take 20 grams multi blonde and 40 grams oxidizer color touch 4 percent 40 grams oxidizer and all
  • 03:32: carefully mix composition It should be stirred well the creamy states especially it concerns situations when We are working with powder We begin to apply drug departing from face approximately about cm and then We go to the radial parting moving from face to the back of the head for some reason We depart from the face half centimeter
  • 04:02: because the street the hair is very, such fluffy sensitive and they are overly lighten very Apply gently bleaching a drug We try to apply abundantly and that it is important not go to previous clarified comfort zone
  • 04:32: note that and the drug take back just the tip strikes, we should not be smeared all Now this area only the edge brush it helps we cause the drug very accurate equally important and very very carefully Apply the medication to basal part even you can not say Apply and impose as we
  • 05:06: impose the We tried the drug to drive it into the root so slowly, step by step we move on to the occipital zone following you we breed but mixture it is 6 percentage oxidizers and 20 grams of powder and respectively 40 gram 6 per cent oxidation unlike
  • 05:41: dye process no discoloration stops and will continue as much as the drug will be remain on the hair so we work at different interest oxidant can be change to work 2 at step You can apply three phase that is to start with a smaller percentage 19 and e.g. six finish percent result, we We will achieve more uniform Well, of course the result of
  • 06:11: equipment and services experience drug application play a very important role when we reached occipital areas that directions here partings and change Now I will excrete diagonal partings from the left side Temple debt right side of the bottom occipital area Well
  • 07:11: Besides above features shall also speed drug application so as long as we concludes applied to the back of the head street hair is enough lit so This procedure requires professional skills step by step we
  • 07:43: approaching the completion of the application drug but if you have not forgotten We still left area Street we We will be with you the last teacher yes we will finish the application the back of Now the final stage we put the remaining part the street on which percentage we breed preparation for this it all depends on the zone matter how thin hair is the hair dense enough
  • 08:13: so I breed 6 percent to to the street area caught by lightening which zone painted and the parietal area is very carefully stain experience Street wounded us left causing no It should be clear
  • 08:43: uniform note that this zone we have it notably the principle of I Let's look at ka in the mirror pay attention on this part so from we take a right colorless depends the quality of our work and the final stage finishing coating drug
  • 09:13: juniors neatly these vellus hair usually they cling very fast also judge them on that when It is running out of time excerpts now checks
  • 09:53: the accuracy of our application and provisioning hair be left without we care they constantly spread to avoid education ammonia carried out in some areas of by allocating vapor ammonia may form not too overexposed in some areas zones drug can not be enough
  • 10:24: can dry so the process ensuring we constantly controls check result lightening street enough well it lightens stumbled We check our zone you can still hold occipital portion
  • 10:57: perfectly well yet we have take into account the fact that the when my drug hair will slightly yellow in the preparation does not seem nozzle than it really is excellent
  • 11:27: result we Now you can have flush again Auntie water the drug is very important comply with certain recommendations on the my head necessarily gloves secondly use special products This shampoo after staining and special air conditioning plan door after destabilization
  • 11:57: provided for shampooing I use color brilliance I bought very well wash the nape a it is important to carefully wash away bleaching medication so that no one Krupin
  • 12:27: skimp left color differently after later staining starts re-oxidative process and we will yellow spots it is very important after As we washed shampoo providing a powder use special Vandor stabilizer Apply on the hair squeeze wash hair apply stabilizer and leave for 5 minutes to act upon 5 minutes
  • 12:57: exposure conditioner on hair we carefully wash off our result after the horse will be a little brighter slightly gives Yellow knew but that due to the fact that he Now the hair can after drying could face more here is our uniform result after
  • 13:32: as we have dried the hair as you can see at length and has accumulation previous color the roots have turned a very bright well that they there is still tion about yellowness March 10, 1003 at the very good a base lie to keep shade our color type pretty model warm so we we will pick up shade from the warm control he
  • 14:20: she is Well Well, that
  • 14:55: The final stage our work in my eyes turned beautiful warm colors blond color enough evenly