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KETCHUP in house conditions No. 1 of the 80th years of OBEDENIE!!!! KETCHUP AT HOME  See details »

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  • 00:00: wisdom, do not learn from others to it come alone dear friends, I so glad you again with me channel rake luck continue harvest yummy in the winter dressed today we we shall ketchup You will need one and a half kilo of tomatoes As you can see tomatoes here we take absolutely all they can be cracked mashed such tomatoes perfect for ketchup
  • 00:31: I only have two recipe cooking ketchup now I simply advise you on cook soul ketchup 80s remember there was such Bulgarian and so I recommend at least a one batch to do it's because I I tell sample you believe it like from half a kilo tomato we got to get must half-liter Bank of the stove without
  • 01:02: but without all the additives such as for example Now that my mother there is no time to mess around long workpieces she goes somewhere liter 200 that is from half a kilo liter 200 all will time dependent Prescription cooking for real the right to evaporate boil the ketchup Two hours open cover if the time enough the hours will be enough for eyes after a Time 15-20
  • 01:33: Tomatoes will be here so soft they are easy will shake up blender basically do just so that we have We began to cut them a then simmer and then already bring down blender add 70 grams sugar half tablespoons spoons of salt without better to take supplements fireplace 20 peas black pepper grains 8 coriander two things clove and 5 peas
  • 02:03: allspice and extinguish our weight while it is not a third decrease in volume it will take about two hours and stew and without Cover that she evaporated half an hour before willingness to put a normal and a bunch of parsley we place on basilico leaves 56 giving such
  • 02:34: very very fragrant flavor believe it will even if one did not basil does not love does not parsley it is absolutely but it will not be felt he will give together a smell and taste Yum more times blender whisk our weight All pour in a colander and thoroughly carefully begin fray through a colander or sieve in one that may have create here such colander add two
  • 03:23: tablespoons of vinegar and again boil our our counter and 10-15 but the recipe is all end of our cooking but as we sketchik here's how Now mom showed he cooked exactly one hour it boiled away not as a prescription so my mother went out with this provision in way she add one teaspoon
  • 03:53: starch spoon diluted in water how to make starch from I have a video I can credit I put at the bottom anyone interested could look We give our ketchup in
  • 04:29: get thick boil 35 minutes, spill sterilized banks and close likewise sterilized caps here such furnace to get personal I have just been me uncomfortable to shoot fully fully therefore, only the video ending it at me I cooked 2 even with two half an hour I I made on 3 kneading here
  • 05:00: with four and a half kilogram me turned out here such here's saucepan I will have a half a liter of ketchup and I do not I add starch but who are too lazy to cook can cook like my Mom I fully He revealed before video ketchup obtained insanely delicious fragrant stored such chutes a long time he did not bounces nothing exactly when cool he is thickens Now until March 8,
  • 05:30: it can safely keep or somewhere where vengeance conservation He keeps me in pantry in the cellar that's worth bottling it just to release van and not only bank and I are here Now the bottle and everything in Storage I shoot cellar or pantry Stalin who I liked my video subscribe channel we put the huskies enjoy all appetite please write anyone that reviews
  • 06:00: but I will think 90 percent of that all this ketchup like recipe