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Yellowstone Supervulkan WILL JERK SOON!!!

Yellowstone Supervulkan WILL JERK SOON!!!  See details »

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  • 00:00: seismologists concerned about the situation that folds around supervolcano Yellowstone located in the center connected States case its eruption all North America stop exist turned lifeless desert reminiscent of Mars surface and the worst thing that This disaster could occur at any Minute often you can hear Yellowstone is supervolcano man
  • 00:31: far removed from Volcanology probably think that super prefix in this case just He describes the volcano larger than its fellow is not so supervolcano it is a scientific term he y denotes volcanoes whom conical top and the mouth where erupts They are under the lava land and in within one supervolcano It is usually several Yet these Titans invisible to surface and the most terrible in them what they do not erupt and
  • 01:01: explode while as ordinary volcanoes killing thousands of people in and destroy the city supervolcanoes pretend to billions of lives and devastation continents one of the last like eruptions scale occurred at Sumatra 73,000 years back when the explosion supervolcano Toba reduced population land about 15 times while alive It remained between 5 and 10 thousand people in as many times
  • 01:31: decreased number of animals killed three-quarters flora with northern hemisphere on the site of the explosion formed pit area in 1775 square kilometers in which You could fit 2 New York or London It feels uneasy when it is what can happen if there eruption supervolcano Yellowstone which is its dimensions in two To times more for the last two million years Yellowstone
  • 02:01: there were three heavy-duty eruption and every of them turned the floor continents desert about 640 thousand years ago during the last eruptions supervolcano it top part fell into the red-hot abyss formed ground holes Xia splashing in it red-hot magma size of 55 to 72 kilometer outside splashed incredible the amount of lava and ash and red-hot with stones at a a sideways
  • 02:32: crushing strength US authorities have put to scientists the task calculate date the next eruptions supervolcano on According to scientists the period between bursts is about six hundred thousand years Considering these calculations namely on ours with you age falls another cataclysm in 2002 near Yellowstone from the old basin emerged three new geyser that They are one of manifestations later stage volcanism summer of 2003 stuffed equine
  • 03:03: park temperature Soil rose to boiling point opened crevices through which began trickle sulfide hydrogen and carbon volcanic gas gases contained in magma these signs given scientists base to believe that the magma He escaped from the chamber of which increased in repeatedly speed approaches surface geological Survey the United States has created a powerful Surveillance is not a network only for Yellowstone but with all the rest of the volcanoes country their official website have interactive
  • 03:33: is displayed in the map online status volcanoes so real danger everyone will know not from videos on youtube and in advance of official sources usually the inside outlook appears for months before the event a super the eruption likely all will It predicted for the years must be clear indications that the volcano prepare to eruption and have suited to its stage I start at the no one is available say exactly when it will happen one scientists expect
  • 04:03: the eruption of the date on Day and others include his time on centuries and even Goals in either case until the magma supervolcano located on a depth of 10 kilometers from its vents worry early but if it rises the level of 23 kilometers from the of mankind appear serious reasons for concern if explosion still happen then Yellowstone Giant ponadelat troubles Firstly eruption supervolcano will cover those states to
  • 04:33: whose territory located Yellowstone park Wyoming and Montana Idaho failure may come power and other systems life support Northwest US It is isolated due to a failure in transport message and it best in worst scale even disaster hard to imagine introduce super eruption in Yellowstone affect almost the entire USA all begin with and a sharp rise Land overheating Yellowstone park and when huge
  • 05:03: pressure burst caldera from formed vents welling thousands cubic kilometers of lava reminiscent huge fire 1 adjacent to the post volcano area It suffers from pyroclastic flows this avalanche consisting of hot gas and ash spreading velocity of sound destroy all life in the within 100 kilometers 10 thousand square kilometers turn into scorched earth in pyroclastic zone will not survive one not be good and
  • 05:34: the rest of and country and will cover thick layer volcanic ash layer thickness 15 centimeters load roof will so strong that building will to develop as house of cards air throughout the west the US will be poisoned so that a person can hold no more than 5 not hundreds of thousands of minutes people die or of suffocation or by collapse Building ozone hole on the mainland rise to such the size of the level radiation approaches
  • 06:05: to Chernobyl thousands of cubic kilometers of ash thrown in atmosphere shut sunny light America plunged into darkness This will cause a sharp lowering temperature volcanic winter runs over to north America from 1 to 4 years Of course the climate catastrophically It changes not only in the America but also on the entire planet however if you do not weighed down by thoughts of the upcoming visit Yellowstone course
  • 06:35: well worth it amazingly beautiful in its territory are magnificent mountain lake nearly three hundred one of the waterfalls which size higher than Niagara well, about the hot sources and exotic geysers and say no accounts look at them They come from all world I hope you and I We have time