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  • 00:00: hello hello everyone today i want say so announcements on online here so he's a hero mime bags online will be on the 16th he lasts a month perhaps more look at progress as people will be in time
  • 00:32: knit here online will be closed group vkontakte that is everyone can ask every question write to each i I can answer message limit We do not interfere with this case therefore was decided to do so online will be paid will be held on
  • 01:02: all four heroes that is, we will knit all four Here's the scheme I'm a little bit altered and that is not as I had it before this and a little bit I have it yet remade so how do I do after all a little bit I liked how it was and plus I will add kogotochki well fingers practice that we had they without fingers I will add fingers that's why
  • 01:32: Here and so to knit we start from points and to it sorry to knit we will start from the point here because many wanted to start knit dots knit we'll be out of yarn here so here I am on or jeans from it we will knit crochet at number two at
  • 02:02: I have a new and piano the blood of the wounded do not buy necessarily simple take the hook number 2 so what is sorry, let's start knit white dots white white motifs we need 2 also we need either black or gray for the feet here here a little bit
  • 02:32: also black for eye and spout and gray for rifle eye and eyebrow with rotum brown on sweater brown exactly the same as for caches basic color brown idiot alize cotton gold 89 number second and will knit we are cache cache cotton gold strings minutes and
  • 03:03: whether for number 89 there 100 grams of motorbikes so we have enough one hank also and the same color is about chick on paws I'm a chicken here a little bit differently is therefore connected with him paws from chanterelles in general and here comes from cache on the presser foot also we need black or dark brown see if you have there are remnants dark brown
  • 03:33: in the original he is with dark brown paws here if you have there are the remains of let will account for dark brown sonnet it's black also for a spout black for the peephole Black will be needed a little bit slightly white for the peephole brown for edging and for the pencil is also blue for sweaters to us will be needed blue color next we Let's start knitting the chanterelle
  • 04:03: chanterelle we will knit from jeans number twenty you something I forgot either 23 are you 20 and 23 for it goes to my mind and red and not coral so here 's something mediocre between this need 2 hanks about what they are 50 grams go also need white either darkly dark
  • 04:33: burgundy or black for the feet also claret goes to eyes at us and on cilia and on the brow black for the eye and little white nose for eyelet for a sweater for sweaters to us still green will be needed here I have a sweater bound badly sweater we will knit by another way here here and last we will knit a cycle such a cycle there is not
  • 05:03: Experimental you daughter on toys see what they have I'm such a saint and daughter toys lived new now while I'm not yet available yet I see those who were all sold out so that like this I show on my daughter at toys so for the chicken turns out 89 number cotton gold then a spout and feet yellow color 2 hanks too, it turns out
  • 05:34: hangers and a little bit slightly absolutely not enough from 2 on the mind . we take 35 jeans number white for the peephole slightly and black for eyelet also for Broads and Habits a nozzle such here it at we will be here again I will repeat online will pass from 16 September is
  • 06:04: specially this made that people You could say so on Weekends start to the work this is the first in secondly many complained that bye no money from 15 receive a salary and it will be okay so we start 16 so that many to have time also see if you do not have time 16 in principle, we knit let's be so long
  • 06:34: can join dad the genre is all the same payment is paid to me there is no one else for me there are no assistants so if someone you will write about payment therefore online and then no one is scammers this is for sure because I work one assistant I have no husband but a my husband does not write to you it will be exactly so
  • 07:05: that so look payment can be mapped savings bank but this preferable of course on the map savings bank also possible on Yandex money or paypal but here so here so here if there is any Ask more questions also a reference to your page vkontakte I put also beneath description for the video
  • 07:36: look if that ask questions there but maybe just here I do not always see I can always answer Here is such here and here the announcement with us It turned out to those to whom liked this video put your fingers go up subscribe to my channel for now till