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How to make French #пирожное the #Макарон #LudaEasyCook cookies  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello Now US who today cook French cookies or cake pasta Khabar he Dust on the market for Colon to cook French pastry pasta not need it walleye were only 200 grams of powdered sugar
  • 00:32: Well powdered sugar I divided into two part here I 125 grams of powdered sugar and 75 grams since grinding though can be found in both new key to give up on a fan's calves he pushes the foot gods and me It will need 50 grams almond flour 2 a battalion of one site my 25 grams of cocoa Amir's cocoa a pinch of salt here is my 2
  • 01:02: coffee spoons lemon juice cafe cafe and we que toi protein also here I have 68 grams of protein, my captures tango amount embodied egg whites and all rest I ask the ingredients you stick the exact number then grams cakes you get very beautiful. I first asked almond flour response
  • 01:33: and there in from the very sites it an essential condition to almond tissue caught and what large pieces otherwise not destroyed get very beautiful the bottle then by and large account flour can will once again weigh after you forgive her and because some large pieces will you city a medal for it by 50
  • 02:04: gram fudokan on my and Now sift of powdered sugar which gathers Now there when and cocoa sift sugar powder 125 grams of large part will Mikhailo here what
  • 02:35: Now we will whipping proteins bays swamp come soon quarrels and begin my how I had
  • 03:09: I have a bit of singing always add lemon juice Fido who cafe on teeth katana necessary proteins Beat good stable peaks lights on the unit when people gradually I I will add the rest of the sugar This powder form verb a
  • 03:56: well whipped whites Good resistance to peaks so how it was It called and now several techniques are not should be my dry mix Add no proteins But when you get there Cathedral of the fans want delivers first part and well stirred move on the
  • 04:27: iphone but gently from the bottom up to the base for tea Only through learns the background so the mosquito one snip and meal tank volume language lamborghini land this add a little more Volodya team Lada
  • 04:59: worthwhile other Interesting baking you You can look at us as a channel glass of your break came into ethics ludaeasycook yes yes din after As hindered another portion add the following on and there is direct language and add the remaining
  • 05:34: dry mix the victory of the foiled look what the dough should get a team tea set must my dough is ready and I could dough jelly and I I will pour package
  • 06:06: camp bag better just not on the dough I went to his grandmother on Tattoo and sprinkle the dough cooking bag I I took the usual round attachment to the Untsukul Black Drive and now I will otsazhivayut Cake on baking tray size about two to two half centimeter
  • 06:37: on at a certain distance from each other until now. try to do cakes same but both listened when gently sashimi all take a wife
  • 07:08: over them globally knurled like reel thing Now take baking and tap after we knock
  • 07:38: See all our cakes become more flat and smooth Now we need the dough leave it to dried up about twenty minutes Thirty-two species and Caliph Ali, and so for you We brought all the dough Now we wait for 20-30 minutes When the dough is dry King after washing Usovo footage I have passed 25 minutes and my cookies
  • 08:10: has dried up I see them finger touch and do not stick to the purely Count tight and now we cookies send in already preheated to 175 degree oven on 10-15 minutes is not the duty Moore there was olio megaphone March 2 I have been 15 minutes and the first batch pasta for a year
  • 08:40: you understand the answer is I want to tell about some moments It is very important comply with baking who themselves there but as for and that it is important to pan where you will bake your cookies was even without bending Now we both gel polish Hike Varlamov and very important to squeeze out whether your cakes otherwise they will be bad removed from parchment paper My flight for Th Milligan and they do not have
  • 09:11: yes, I baked the bottom of your Now I show here look like this It looks perfect pasta him formed skirt called it it defines good pasta they must skirt good and beautiful matsuev the bottom of the vial store nitrate Look how they have I easily removed with parchment paper like you're open tied covenant is suggests that good pasta propeklis
  • 09:41: and they are ready to Max counter for but short dresses also important that they do not Perepech when you remove pan from oven necessarily pasta rearrange directly on the grate of efficiency Genoa Mr. Khai from Paradise to they are on the grill well cooled off treaty stroke widow look ye see We can be turned say perfect biscuits pasta we has a skirt and very
  • 10:11: beautiful smooth surface at cake in a vacuum abut This is far from Vanka it also depends on quality products you use should be well screened almond flour and qualitatively and powdered sugar nukaba of weak action boom Turks played on him just me got 55 cookies Chewbacca broke me I'm choosing one
  • 10:42: and cut the cookies I will show you what it Get the inside tank you look a little gas just wet the middle . Good Good bottom and plump up hotel protein and now for each cookies we need to find a pair that we will joining using cream and define about the same
  • 11:12: that they were size weight smells paradise see what they we all equal and nice to get to the fabric code to this you are seen at Makarova heart and change and Now we will do cream ran to you tonic you so to make delicious chocolate cream our pasta me We need to jump wife until 125 ml cream
  • 11:43: fat content of not less than thirty-five interest may itself Fireplaces and Gambit I covered bio Obama himself man 125 grams chocolate black little can chocolate and 2 grams instant coffee cottage cheese or like Arpad first thing I I put warm cream and coffee to add at the end of Hammam pour cream you fly your cream fist here also in the cream
  • 12:13: I immediately add instant coffee or pan cocktails following girl in warm up doom you my palette good smell instant coffee inspire and to such creation and now we have these fill with cream chocolate other recipes
  • 12:48: interesting creams you You can look at our channel Hundreds of windows bar ready Ivan Banner although one dish 134 any language alabai I have good bullion warmed up I did not bring to boil now I fast ruble chocolate into smaller pieces like Sansa Clan and zalyu chocolate
  • 13:20: hot cream Flood in vacuo so smell cream 2 coffee on someone seen and now coffee cream should be mix well Chocolate Man was Th you bitch gate somewhere well to
  • 13:51: we get so beautiful chocolate ganache like Mike soul molokovarku d40 behind the gift of tongues to cut off Shakula ganache cool down faster you can put it in fridge then he is not any now is not Hot it just slightly warm scent in that Phoebe stay I do not see
  • 14:23: got chocolate ganache from the refrigerator I have it stood literally 20 minutes of me for Organizers of the boom and already well thickens now I fill cooking bag sausage cream center for the second and we will end make our beautiful pastries pasta So now we take Our cakes are we put together click on my and
  • 14:55: connect look get what beautiful pasta lateral move loan catches and so we smear cream each mate pumpkin open You can fight it very quickly all the bottom very easy to connect
  • 15:26: of milk what we amazing turned Cake to hunters war very beautiful Vase cycle and very delicious Now I will try to one cake she Cocaine gentle gently this round to catch
  • 15:59: looking for a fool and soft Here in mandates it works perfectly pasta and cake distance to the flour until the battle it look very 20 our tasty pastries pasta ready no nod and they are only the were very delicious and very beautiful t from window I wish you a pleasant appetite place huskies subscribe to our feed
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