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  • 00:00: openwork pattern horizontal and a track pattern I knit from Summer yarns where spoke a little thicker than is necessary for that yarn thickness pattern fit freely it is his face side is his Wrong side [music] knitting pattern on move number loops multiple of 3 + 2 edge loop number 1 from the front remove an edge
  • 00:30: loop all loops in the front row provyazyvaem facial and so knit facial to the end of the series dovyazyvayu number facial loops an edge provyazyvaem seamy finished the first row pattern with 2 eggs night side lift
  • 01:01: an edge loop again all loops provyazyvaem facial because we right wall has front we provyazyvaem all loops facial for the right wall that is for front dovyazyvayu facial loops and the last edge provyazyvaya purl ready second row third row from the front
  • 01:33: sides remove an edge loop further right introducing needle 3 and the following loop provyazyvaem these three loops along the front the rear wall then make sc on spoke again enter right needle into the loop 3 and again provyazyvaem together face loop received three loop of three or remove 3 hinges on the left spokes
  • 02:04: We reiterate report enter the right needle in 3 loops of provyazyvaem along the front loop We do nakida again The rules of the spokes 3 loop again provyazyvaem them together Front received three loop of a trio of shoot their left spokes They believed in the right needle 3 loops knit them along the front We made nakida again We entered the right specialists 3
  • 02:34: knit loops again with the front removed enter the right needle 3 3 along the front hinge sc again very right spokes 3 along the front matter on the same distance pull loop we continue knitting thereby to the end of a number of my latest report conducted
  • 03:07: right needle into the loop 3 3 along the front nakida 3 along the front remove them from the left the spokes of an edge provyazyvaem purl ready third row pattern number 4 Wrong side remove an edge loop then the first loop 2 knit purl 1 Wrong 2 Beginners knitting
  • 03:37: repeat first loop skip second knit purl and then knit seamy first loop to remove two loops on the left spokes 1 Wrong again first missed second knit seamy loop then knit backing missed a loop We took them on the left spokes 1 Wrong
  • 04:07: miss one second provyazyvaem seamy provyazyvaem seamy loop and missed 1 Wrong such way to repeat rapport to the end of the series my last report first missed second Wrong first provyazyvaem 2 purl disclaim left spokes 1 Wrong finish
  • 04:38: number as one Wrong and an edge and knit it was backing fourth row of our pattern further pattern repeats 1 to 4 cut and obtained here such fishnet horizontal track thanks much with you was Our knitting school yarn