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  • 00:00: Good day to all who I look at my channel I am very happy welcome you to his cousin and today I would like to you share recipe curls protected mustard sauce and oven so that we have before Now the device here I hang them comfy I gutted it towels and cut I have to stay here one meeting with Christ
  • 00:31: 2 tablespoons soy sauce 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard if you do not Dijon mustard take half tablespoons Soviet mustard one teaspoon coriander salt and black pepper to So we begin to taste first we must be cut I want the pieces say that I
  • 01:21: quarrel piece not careful, he let beech forests and salty unsalted correct put questions changed stall with place the person I separately when poured salt a separate container we will prepare connect two
  • 01:54: tablespoons if you eat we replace the clip add a tablespoon spoon of cumin downloads teaspoon salt here and there adds black pepper to taste and is now prepared on its funny life and well move lower
  • 02:33: it's hard to capacity He ran for the service and better to pickled I water them and reserve at least 30 form and it little top literally slightly to the left
  • 03:03: I rushed to the oven pre-heated I want to show what zone turned I stood but the oven 25 join play very simple hard sex advised when I climbed into forests come to me visit sign up put huskies write
  • 03:33: your comments and You still biting thieves interesting video see you soon meeting in my kitchen May 5 and about carols