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Alteration jeans. Master class in tailoring of children's jeans.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Do you still discard the old Jeans then we go to you [music] welcome you to its channel and old you can sew jeans many interesting things and today we we will remake Pope in our jeans pants for baby for making us You need unnecessary jeans or in the cooler to a string and gum cut jeans and take a
  • 00:42: putting a leg pattern back half pants and the front half panties encircle and We take a second cut leg decompose pattern draw your attention that pattern overlaps another side front half back and half of steam pockets Both the pants fabric for Lining fold in half face in and cut out two parts burlap pocket and piping parts pocket cut out
  • 01:12: Cuff size front and rear halves and panties width 10 cm [music] we combine facial parties facings and a front pocket half pants and sews straight stitching cut the edge close 3 places facade attaching do notches [music] and gut-wrenching
  • 01:44: press out now led straight line at a distance February 1 millimeter and a second at a distance of 5-6 millimeters [music] Now combine right sides resigned his pocket and sacking and led straight line here and [music] Now that we
  • 02:16: happened iron the same We perform with the most the other hand impose front and rear halves panties facial sides and sew side seam allowances seams treat zigzag and call someone else the rear half panties [music] finishing line paving throughout length of the legs in on
  • 02:46: distance 2 millimeter and distance May 6 millimeters it turns out it will be on the back halves panties [music] mark up space for sewing pockets [music] and stitched by on old seams and for decor send belt loops follow to the second
  • 03:17: pocket pc 2 are not It was symmetrically located with respect to 1 [music] at the bottom leg We are putting a face side and cuffs led straight on the bottom line [music] Now take the leg
  • 03:49: add up the front side facing shear [music] and sew stepper the seam allowance We are working out and zigzag press out on the towards the rear Now the leg cuffs bends inward
  • 04:20: here and buckle led straight line on the edge [music] We cut out two pieces rear pockets bend at the top and led straight line with a hand up here and here On the other clipped jackdaws [music] gut-wrenching corners
  • 04:50: Straightening and now form a pocket for I teach living at start [music] paving horizontal decorative stitch on distance 2 centimeter [music] pockets brought place symmetrically Pin Up is now on the perimeter
  • 05:24: paving the double line [music] Now take two legs and combine right sides sews middle seam and process the edge zigzag [music] Now take and
  • 05:59: led straight line close to the edge about here and planned line paving the double line sewed codpiece hornblende and paving the double line the entire length [music] cut out of favor Riba bit length smaller waist circumference and
  • 06:29: width 10 cm fold it in half face inside and led straight line more joints of Registry iron out We are such half and Now iron times to sew pants combine faces rear seam combine backseamed panties and evenly stretching
  • 07:00: shear [music] and now in a circle led straight line [music] Cropped allowance and Now the second part uniform bending of around the perimeter
  • 07:31: tack and paving the line close to the edge [music] line paving But on this line and I am leaving a small a hole for couch and gum Measure out the gum on waist size and vdevaem [music] and that's what great
  • 08:06: Jeans have turned subscribe to our Like channel Put and joining our group in contact with 1886 pour garden appeared label piece embossed leather depicting the two horse trying torn jeans is were real experiments strength that Levis suit after train driver instead broken coupler connected two car pants Levis
  • 08:36: and so it lasted composition to the station [music]