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  • 00:04: subscribe to our channel so as not to skip new videos on cooking and needlework enjoy your view hello my Dear friends today we are with you prepare another very tasty simple enough with eggplant dish which can be stored in the refrigerator or cellar fairly long for the preparation of this we need food
  • 00:30: eggplant onions carrots and sweet pepper greens, celery dill parsley vinegar vegetable oil salt and sugar Let us first eggplant for this purpose in pan pour water and put on fire adding a couple spoons of sugar 100 grams vinegar a couple of spoons of salt
  • 01:00: two eggplants kilogram bit incision along here and thus We put them in saucepan bring to boil and cook about 10 minutes not much attention they are not ruining should become a porridge until eggplant prepare cooked the remaining vegetables cup squeezing garlic 2 head and mix We mix it with a pair of
  • 01:31: tea spoons salt cut into half rings onion and three or four head finely chopped green a little bit about your taste also fine cut into cubes Bell pepper three or four of them on coarse grater rub carrots about half kilogram 700 I
  • 02:01: of stuffing mushrooms were stipe they can be they use will give our dish light aroma of mushrooms this is how we cooked vegetables for filling a pot or pan pour 150 grams of oil and passiruem sliced onions and carrots, and not
  • 02:32: We forget to watch out for to eggplant not digest We get the first batch ready eggplant and in boiling water throw the left time and onions carrot stir add some salt add pepper mushrooms greenery
  • 03:02: again well mix and fry 10 minutes until all vegetables are soft stuffing is now ready it should be fully cool readiness eggplant check We reach a fork ready also give cool completely
  • 03:32: ready eggplant tightly laid on steamer placed in a press and leave for an hour until all drain sorrow trained celery stalks parboiled and reserve a couple minutes, cooled eggplant rub garlic
  • 04:00: mixed salt fill trained eggplant stuffed each eggplants bandages sprig celery here and tightly laid cooked dishes here are eggplants have
  • 04:30: We get a little presses and plate cover with a lid leave overnight to kitchen table and in the morning put refrigerator 45 days you can try cook with us Join us groups in social networks links to you find a description offer your recipes share our videos with friends and be sure to write
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