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Bow from a satin ribbon 2,5sm on an elastic. Video a master class - record of the user of diylenamur (Lena) in community Other types of needlework in category Other types of needlework  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello, dear friends! Greetings on our channel ! Today in our master class we will decorate the scrunchy with a satin ribbon bow We need the following Satin ribbon width 2.5 cm in two colors 12 segments of 12 cm in length
  • 00:30: 6 segments of the one color and 6 segments of the another color needle with thread Two bases with a diameter of 2.5 cm Cotton wool A piece of thin tape for attaching a bow to a scrunchy Scrunchy Scissors Lighter And glue gun Let's begin! In order to make a petal for the flower, we take 2 pieces of satin ribbon Fold them with the wrong side inward
  • 01:03: Carefully align the edges of the ribbons We melt the edges with a lighter We folded our ribbons.Then define the middle Now bend it like this
  • 01:47: Then turn the workpiece with an acute spout to yourself
  • 02:29: That's what we got!
  • 03:27: We threaded and stitched All other ribbons are sewn with threads and are tightened in exactly the same way So we sewn all our 6 petals and tighten them After we pulled them together we fix everything with a thread with a needle However, we do not sew them together
  • 04:03: That's what we got. Now we need to fold our bow correctly The first petal is glued together with the fourth petal We connect the first petal to the third, and the fourth petal is superimposed on the first obliquely
  • 04:38: And the last petal we glue arbitrarily, as you like We have obtained such a wonderful flower
  • 05:32: Now we make the middle for the flower For this we take one of the bases... and thread with a needle Now we will thread the workpiece along the entire circumference After we have threaded our workpiece, we fill the middle with cotton wool That's so easy and simple... we decorated the scrunchies for our little princesses
  • 07:33: Thank you for being with us today! Subscribe to our channel! Rate! Write comments! And share our videos in social networks! I wish you creative success! Bye!