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How to establish a disk on the Bulgarian

How to establish a disk on the Bulgarian  See details »

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  • 00:00: my name is Vladimir Ivanovic brought on the channel topic today's video how to put drive on the grinder I recently put homemade movie much during This test stand My drive was set so Image concave We passed a comment why I put the brush Do not need and today I devote a small this film is theme how to install the drive on grinders little friends a little theory safety Bulgarian is
  • 00:30: very dangerous instruments and the first whether the first requirement rule with which we We must accept and implicitly him carried out for each tent should be set the protective housing and without necessarily leather work categorically second-smoking usually work the polar a movie so that keep away hands so sure for a long time It sets here this a pen right-hander and left-hander you hide themselves on but handle this is must be
  • 01:00: installed be sure to remedies include more glasses I work Friends without glasses on the mask so I use such glasses why not dvoechku so will dress using protective mask a lot of Bulgarian dust so be sure to use my respirator mastery set these filters have established under ceiling and during of welding I work workshop I turn off the filters
  • 01:30: to dirty air purified through these proceeded values cut themselves sincerely years itself will not be anyone urge this film and have introductory character friends can not recommendatory so I will tell how to use grinder and so I personally I cut sparks on themselves or grinders takes it pops forward it is desirable to have a Extension of cases they lengthen Alex was like this socket as the Bulgarian
  • 02:00: I flew forward easily not enough pop to all rise Calendar is superfluous will not only bringing the risk I must have fartuh I have one forgiven fartuh he often films flashed me special red fartuh burning our you pocket, and I in him work constantly mushroom detail when I cut on the floor profiled tube round tube a bit off the garment leave millimeter and a half half and then gave my this segment working with short
  • 02:30: details you I install such tisochki on the table which also compress tisochki cut off and I Details of the towers vise free Flight tell me after cutting I have them attack Friend I say it was all to no is an precision tool Cutting that perform precise cut above or do stand or after marking lay guide and guide on the the guide disc four sides get then be
  • 03:00: perfectly accurate but is to accurately for accurate cutting if it is very necessary We approach the topic as a clamping disc installing a claim on balls of light rotating the arm keyless drive It's enough to drive normally feel It worked fine just after let go of work I cranked slightly unscrewed the key occur not apply
  • 03:30: proceed to the assembly of washers and aiko and your bodice you in my machines you have grinding machines and are here such goals are little different for mind and show you more third goal clearly seen clearly likely that here on each washer and kinda like Protector is squares are here cloves but this washer washer the puck completely
  • 04:01: smoothly and without anything question to arise for which these teeth and what this Protector made washers all later I will explain nut washer system Fiolent they patented applied very artful knot watch as the puck He has the right to mouth here this bottom design video if plain washer
  • 04:31: simple cut but then got more and washer rotated that's right about 30 degrees may even 40 Why it's done when we drive stifle the lower washer scrolls clockwise together with the disk and a position we We are working to unscrew drive shaft and they stopar We rotate the whole pie
  • 05:02: see how to forgive get the whole pie the lower washer scrolls dice scrolls and top nut scrolls together and at this time Here are 30 degrees or 40 released ah-q Now this raises go of about 0.2 millimeter Here is how these time 0 to the nearest tenth millimeters enough to compensate for this
  • 05:33: and clamp and unscrew without pain, without jerks keyless without a hammer the pebble washer surface which is set new grinding it is a car a base that is as a spinning our washer it will rotate our drive if the puck beats say do not plant qualitatively performed on hides is I constantly beat I think this is a very clear and outer surface washer It is a basic Samara to when we stifle it has a small gap
  • 06:08: leans slightly due to play in the thread little short drive wheels are detachable and stripping them They differ in thickness shape have about my credited drives, as the a saucer or platter plate type on each disk factory installed metal washer it has the shape there is a little bit narrower Here, too, the puck It is a basic
  • 06:39: As we tighten the washer this washer and friends clamped our drive and just beating If the steps in the war factory bad drive beat again I remind you this is a basic part of the disk where This washer disc base ie it is flat the surface of our disk and so we came to ensure that at Bavaro we have a base surface and We have a basic disk face you
  • 07:09: It left us 2 base surfaces combine base put on the base, and Then we drive It sets the perfect exactly, and the second at said friends you see protector cloves are here here are what these subchiki I think probably needs You guessed teeth need to Now this metal
  • 07:40: the puck a little bit I am going and left prints it is necessary for to drive in time is not cranking out more reliable fixation disk that's all, and that's It is obtained as establish a claim friends in base base that is, our hockey which has a flat, disk surface set to base surface our goals it turns Teflon It is the only way considering that the back sara onslaught can
  • 08:10: have small chips burrs and remnants e were taken because Now this bike when I twisted He said it has a small gap it compensates here these irregularities with the reverse side disk that's quite simple as a solution install disc only one hockey position downward arch ball hockey on teeth and beams are not top to fasten But in this position,
  • 08:40: it is necessary to drive install I do not know many people do not agree right now will write comments put dizlayki friends I He expressed his opinion its attitude to the Related if you are not convinced poppet drive We want to see the look poppet drive and Friends no other way supplied as such form like that over there stand and the top nut copper this projection to projection oh wait that's such a position should and put the most
  • 09:10: interesting thing look puck that our she fell factory located on side of the picture and she put it our washer is so here the answer to All questions like please put But for a fair drive plant it in another can not put we can not be like that and should raise this disk and get the picture her washer on the bottom and in this position work express their
  • 09:41: Opinion at the request of remarks let us work together for We discuss this hot Thread I wish you a safe It works not only on you do with balls all machines to new appointments with respect to all of you Vladimir Ivanovich