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Accumulative capacity. Why it is necessary and how to collect independently \/ Water storage tank.  See details »

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  • 00:00: In this video, I'll show you how to organize the water from the storage tank or in other words, what to do if the apartment is weak water pressure, and in a private home or small production rate of the well borehole. Let's start with a city apartment. Quite a common problem it is very weak water pressure in the apartments. This are some floors of the middle or upper floors of the house, depending on how many floors the house. Usually it is the house built in the last century. Some people find a solution - setting the booster pump. Well if booster pump is placed at the bottom of the overall riser, which passes through all the floors of the house.
  • 00:31: Or in general for the whole house. This decision is indeed the place to be and it makes sense. But sometimes people put booster pumps only in his apartment. So, if you put the booster pumps only in his apartment and your apartment is the last on the riser, it is likely This too is meaningless. You will be good to go and water the neighbors water worse, too, will not go. But if your bottom riser powered, you are somewhere in between the floor and above you have more neighbors, and you put a booster pump,
  • 01:03: the pump will still pump water from somewhere. He will suck the water from the outlet of the riser. If not miss Buda bottom lift it from top to suck it. Let's say your neighbor from the top is taking a shower. You came home with your family, you have more bathrooms and you also decided all together to wash, wash and put something else. Once you have your system powered the you turn on the pump and the neighbor above, which is washed in the shower, feel the charm of your pump.
  • 01:34: Well if booster pump stood on the hot water, just a little neighbor cooled, but if we are talking about cold water, then, I think, will be a pleasant little if the neighbor will burn hot water which is supplied to the risers. As far as I know the temperature of water in urban risers must not exceed 70 °. But even the 70 ° very hot for most people. So installing booster pump in this case is not entirely correct. Also, there are situations that in the private home of a man in a well or borehole very slowly typed water. So slow that it can not be washed in the shower.
  • 02:09: He can not wash the dishes or washing machine can not properly extend the entire wash cycle. In all these cases, it saves storage capacity. If we are talking about a city apartment, the water we already served or we are talking about a country site. It happens often that people in the summer, there is a summer water, but it happens and winter. In all these cases, the water can be fed poorly, because homes are becoming more and more. The pipe was not designed for that amount or overgrown pipe and, eventually, the pressure drops.
  • 02:43: Apartment or places you already have a source of water, and you just need to take advantage of this source of water. If we talk about the well or sump or collection of water from a stream or pond, all in different ways develops, then you need a simple pump. Perhaps even Malyshok trickle, anything or full pump which will live in the well or borehole and to supply the water, just before the collecting vessel on which I am now going to tell. In the case of a private home is it that you need 2 pump.
  • 03:15: One pump which will pump water from the water source from the well, the well reservoir. A second pump, which is fed with water from the collecting tank. In cases with apartments or in homes where there is already a central water supply, you will need only 1 pump or 1 pump station. So, in order to organize the water from the collecting tank you need, directly, itself the storage capacitance. This food cold water tank. This tank can be a bottom. These can be drums, which are connected in one chain. It may be some
  • 03:46: square, rectangular, the long form of the container in which is filled with water from your source. What volume of the tank you need you need to decide for yourself. Depending on how often you use water, how much water you pour. How many family members you live and how many houses you will be energized by this storage tank. That's the basis of this, you need to calculate what volume you need a storage tank. Useful storage tank will be even including those people who are often cut off water
  • 04:19: Not because the repair system, scheduled maintenance, but because it constantly breaks in unpredictable moment. Water, that is, it is not. And at the crucial moment there is no water in the flesh to the fact that the turn off for two whole days. When a person has a family and turn off the water for 2 days - it's sad. In this case, the storage tank will help you cool. Thus, the size of the storage tank will depend, primarily, from the place where you want to place the container. You can place it on the floor, you can place it on the ceiling, you can arrange it
  • 04:52: on the roof, in the attic, you can place it in the wall. Flat tank purchase. It all depends on whether where you have to this place. Species tanks have quite a few. But even if you can not find the tank that you need, you can order a pot of individual drawings or ask welder who cook you a flat rectangular stainless steel tank in the wall that's so thick. Everyone has their own needs.
  • 05:22: Let's say we already have the tank. In this tank, we need to supply water. In this tank water should appear automatically. Automatically she should cease to gain when she was recruited and activated when the water over there. For this purpose there is a special floats. Float type as in the toilet. they are sold in any professional plumbing stores. They are great with the connection Thread 1 inch or 3/4. You just connect to introducing tube. Float
  • 05:53: water flows down, typed container. Then float rises rises click and water shut. All water is locked and she was not recruited. The only thing that all of these storage containers, I also recommend to make an emergency drain. Make somewhere pipe, drill another hole so that if the float, for whatever reasons, does not work, and sooner or later it can happen. Why? Because the water was dirty, it was hammered. After 10 years it happened after commissioning. Excess water, so that you will not escape to the outside through the throat, through the hole, you'll wash later.
  • 06:28: You make a hole in the hole insert a tube. For sealing seam. Pipe output in sewers or in another place where you will have to drain excess water. It is necessary. So, we already have an automatic water supply to our large storage capacity. Automatic, which does not require any electronics. Next, we need to take water from this storage tank. To take water from this storage tank we have 2 ways. 1 way - is the installation of the pump,
  • 07:00: separate accumulator and automation. Accumulator can hang somewhere on the storage capacity, a storage tank, in any place where you can find a place for the accumulator. In the flesh to the point that you can put a small accumulator is 18-20 liters. The pump can use a submersible, which will be located directly into your storage container. Automation you put in any place, which will include your pump. Or the second way. It is a ready to use pump station.
  • 07:34: The only thing, in all these cases, you need to be determined location. Do you have any place to install the pump station here and the level of noise that would be generated by the pump or pumping station. I certainly do not know all the pumps and pumping stations, but if you choose the pumping stations, the lowest noise have stations that are cooled by water, they pumped. So that I did not repeat again, as it is all put together, you can see how to organize the water from the well. I'll leave a link in the description or in the tips. Do not forget to watch the tips here should crawl.
  • 08:06: As a result, you get a pump, gidroakkumulyar and equipment or finished pumping station. If we say that we need to supply water to the storage tank more in the case of weak debit inside the well or wells. What we need is one more automation, another accumulator and another pump. About pumping station I do not say, because the pumping stations can pump out the water from the depths Only 8 m and only some individual items may pump water from a depth of 15 m.
  • 08:38: Greater depth is not available to them. If we have a well 20 meters, it has no pump station with it can not cope. You will need to lower the pump. A pump is necessary to put your own automation. It turns out you have 2 sets. 1 set which delivers the water to the storage tank. 2 kit, which delivers water from a storage capacity to your system. Here is the kit that supplies water to the storage tank, you can use the most inexpensive - low productivity. In particular, such small pumps as I have said, "brook" or "Malyshok" which rocked quite a weak low pressure,
  • 09:14: but in order to fill the holding tank the size of the cube or 300 liters, it will be enough. If you buy ready-made storage tank, you need to take into account the dimensions of your aperture, where you want to put it. Smuggle in some room. If you buy a bottom container and have it do not fit in your opening, it will be sad. You can not crush her, to bring back. Therefore, measure the first opening your door or place through which will carry the container
  • 09:47: and after the purchase capacity of the size you want and the desired volume. If it turns out that you prolazit capacity of only 300 liters, and you need 500, in this case, you can buy two containers of 300 liters and connect it with no problems. To connect the two containers together is necessary to drill a hole in the bottom of the tanks and connect tube. Here is an example, as I have done with 2 barrels. The only thing in the barrel can be had for flattery to get to the bottom. If you have a storage tank is a small hole, then you probably do not work.
  • 10:22: You will need to send a very small man in a barrel that it propihnul appropriate fitting and you screw it outside. In principle, and so can you. It turns out that you can buy a ready-made solution some ready-made holding tank or can buy a few barrels, or more small storage containers and put them together into one. The water in the vessels are connected, you will remember more from the school, is on the level. You can take water from a barrel and it will decrease in all other drums that you will be in the same system. As you can see, organize the storage tank is not difficult, and any special mega knowledge.
  • 10:57: For those who do not want to do it (assembly of storage tank) there is a special ready-designed for this purpose, solutions with automation, which manages frequency, rotational speed of the pump. This is done so that the pump always maintain the necessary pressure. We put 2 bars. One mixer use it 2 bar pumps. Included 10 more mixers, he It increases the speed frequency, but it is trying to keep the 2 bars.
  • 11:28: Of this storage capacity, I already told you. I leave a link here that's at the tips, she will. Who did not see it was a long time already, go back and look at this video. Go take a look at this link. But in order to arrange this, the videos I can recommend you for more to see? Watch a video about how to seal the threads, because you have to condense on any thread here. Watch a video about what a pressure accumulator and how it works. Movie as well tie. Movie about the choice of automation.
  • 12:01: And probably you need video about the heating cable. This is the case if you Water introduced to the storage capacitance on your suburban or cottage portion where little or no water in the well or downhole. I hope I'm told is available, how to organize the water from the storage container and how to organize the water in the holding tank, and why it is needed, and this information will help you to organize everything yourself. As you can see there's nothing complicated. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write them directly in the comments or in a group of "VKontakte" or on my page "VKontakte" in a personal message, or mail. All references in the description below the video.
  • 12:35: That's all. Artem was with you. Till.