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How to sew a coat - keyp with two seams. A coat in 3 hours. - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello this Nelia mazgarova and my channel for those who loves fashion and loves sew today in this I am a master class I will show you how to sew Kate's fashion coat This season and this Coats will be two stitching a coat you 6 can literally three o'clock for those who interested in my masterclass look sew and are renewed I start with the construction win it
  • 00:31: coat and proceed to clothes patterns before and back to the beginning of vertically down to postpone two half centimeter it will be the depth of back neckline then down postpone five and half centimeter it will be the depth of neck forehand again down from obtained point set aside 16 centimeters it will armhole line from obtained point lay off 68 centimeters down it bottom line is horizontally from the top of We defer to you 7
  • 01:01: centimeters it will the width of the neck is still times obtained from postpone the point 10 centimeters it will Shoulder level of down point obtained vertically postpone one centimeter it will at the level of the inlet arm our left armhole postpone value calculated by formula said on-screen is necessary as the fact of the breast and add 14 value obtained divided into five and half of the line bottom Otpad 30 centimeters to the left is
  • 01:31: is the width of a coat at the bottom, if desired You can do and greater the more the once the roof is not our coats encircle received and get points the pattern before and these details at the back We will be the same will differ only the neck then go to the construction side details and top of horizontally lay off 68 centimeters right and left put off by the same magnitude calculated by the formula specified in the screen to the circumference add the 14 breast
  • 02:01: value obtained divide by 13 and a half from the lowest point right and left lay off 20 centimeters encircle the points obtained and We had a side Klim coat us it remains to construct sleeves for this streak quarter circle the radius of which is equal to 60 centimeters bisector postpone five and half centimeters down and left postpone for 11 centimeters by the points obtained
  • 02:32: rounds angle as the It is shown on the screen poet and arch right left postpone 2 centimeter it will depth of darts sleeve extend the bisector another 11 centimeters it will tuck length combine received point and we turned sleeve this coat need 2 meters the material if you having a nap or cloth meter sixty tissue if not It needs to consider the direction of the nap layout diagram
  • 03:02: presented at screen, and then we go tailoring of the coat and I start shearing tucks on the sleeves grind and darts do not forget to do tie-in early end seam press out tuck aside back if you Pile cloth ironing Only through a bunch of utility services or cloth swathes top sectioned side parts shear shoulder seams forehand and back
  • 03:33: and grind overcast shoulder stitches We repair shop overlock seam with neck side are ear shoulder seams in the side of the backrest a couple of utjazhki is pinned to the sleeve Front and back of center to cut the com
  • 04:04: then take the side detail of coat and again is pinned to the side seams forehand and back by crosscuts gift thus misfire you formed forms for hands further grind on
  • 04:42: overlock all three layers then the way the ears overlock seams and end You need to fill seams like I I showed earlier paving of neck line and tack the zipper pritachivaem lightning and you can do two line after at ironing and our coats so it was ready master class in
  • 05:14: Embroidery coat Kate you You will be able to make three hours this coat It fits almost for all types of shapes for those who were my interest Master Class Like and put we subscribe to channel for those who want pass my full course design and clothing modeling you can leave link request listed below the video is Nelia was mazgarova until we meet again