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  • 00:00: Hello friends today we are together with you prepare chocolate cake be paid which will decorate any festive table with you today Elena to find your channel recipe friends and together we you prepare dessert and biscuits cake chocolate guppies American pie cake which is very popular in our Russia this cake suitable for a day Born on any celebration today I will to prepare his son for the day birth will beautifying his favorite
  • 00:30: hazelnuts Getting Started cooking biscuit biscuit consists of two parts, one part we will dry treats her itself as cocoa baking powder and sugar soda salt that we have de than everything in order Chiffon cake we it will prepare with butter so he is heavy for him prepare us
  • 01:01: would need and baking powder and soda we must necessarily to sift biscuit flour and cocoa powder then we took flour 350 grams 100 grams cocoa, I also sieved add 2 teaspoons spoon of baking powder and bushes without a gorochki for a taste of a biscuit that he was a Honey and slightly solenenkie
  • 01:31: I add a little salt and literally pinch or may be a quarter of a teaspoon I add a spoon sure our biscuit and we put vanilla sugar Be sure to add one teaspoon and we are all with you add all dry Ingredients have to you here in the cup I carefully all our mix is set aside we are friends now
  • 02:01: We go to the second part of our biscuit We take 250 grams soft I butter Oil posted here I get enough sleep 200 grams of sugar I want to say about sugar if you're friends love and that was sweet dessert that can add 250 grams of sugar but I am not such a sweet tooth try always sugar
  • 02:32: smaller pour to be healthier I add 200 grams sugar and whisk with oil I break one egg rather add on one egg it we will have 2 eggs I break the second egg we get with you this air mass very beautiful lush is such a mass of wonderful and we
  • 03:02: Now with you You must add Milk is not to be cold room temperature it can even a little warm in I pour him 1 teaspoon lemon juice milk and jet We add our personal egg-oil mixture mixture and now pouring coffee at the coffee we express it It is not cushy
  • 03:32: hot and very we too thick string add friends Now we need so to achieve the goal to have a biscuit obtained without lumps to have it We had to perfect this was and air and at the same time is not broken to retain its lightness Therefore, part I I will add dry
  • 04:02: part and wet about Now 3-4 part I share added and an equal number of whip the most important thing of course hurry biscuit in principle, be cook prepared in advance and keep them in if the refrigerator suddenly time Well, actually strained Of course yes mark home eating cake homemade cake it empty nothing to compare this
  • 04:33: beautiful chocolate oily beautiful biscuit we have with you I get continue friends we high gloss elastic dough it very very thick note here so she does not fall down spoon it right but there are moments well pokrayney As I had that the dough was too
  • 05:03: thick, I do not remember What was the reason I'm just confused when I have so I got quite bit can be 2 and 3 tablespoons added warm water so it happens if suddenly you too thick dough you can use and lukewarm boiled water we are with you Preprinted Form us here so that's something there from the workpiece
  • 05:34: mold on it, I spread parchment I have it in advance cut and this Parchment I spread our biscuit cake from us we do here at our form 22 centimeter will do four things too thick I will not spread something like I'm sharing on 4 parts of our visual all the dough and hand I post the fourth part because we are
  • 06:04: obtained oven we Warms up to 170 degrees and will be our biscuit bake about 20 minutes Of course we are looking for readiness is It depends on the oven carefully flatten the dough into a form I send it in the oven our cake until friends at we have the process
  • 06:35: We bake cakes with you prepare the cream I'm here today decided cook cheese cream we need it 400 grams of cottage cheese I took curds good quality for cream so we zhirnenky five percent are questions whether it is possible nonfat take or more percent fat content I I say immediately that can be special It has the value important when we
  • 07:05: We try to cheese He was fresh without smell and of course without bitterness to the curd was very very tasty so should we need 1 teaspoon teaspoon vanilla Sahara since I'm not much sweet love I add in the cream total 150 grams as for sugar our cream us need cream and 33 interest
  • 07:35: cream and cheese, we necessarily take from the refrigerator cooled a small amount of literally just 100 milliliters I will pour so that we here all is well frayed we are friends triturated cheese sugar and 50 miles, and it half the number cream 250 ml we've got here
  • 08:06: Such is glossy mass is very beautiful thick and we are now you have to beat up and our cream curdled horns together with gelatin I gelatin previously Right now soaked Now 2 minute put microwave so that it have melted and I will enter here send a different mixture of friends we bring down cottage cheese and add it remaining cream
  • 08:36: We enter the string in driblets Gelatin he have not a little boiling water when it cooled down a little bit on a little bit, we introduce our cream is ready, he It has the consistency that's so thick sour cream we need it right now be sure to cool and I put in refrigerator and look after some time cool and so I think that the private It will be enough [music]
  • 09:07: cream turned I am very wonderful happy with the result movies around cake perimeter Apply the cream as that it we had moist cakes we no impregnate will be enough Cream cheese he give their moisture about to be soak in our night and give moisture so this will enough, we only
  • 09:37: it is necessary to apply more to behold it fully we had filled cake cream So this way I spread on top of the cake and still we you continue decorate our cake course of their You are free cake decorating in general it is considered biscuit open I want it
  • 10:08: prepare glaze and I take 2 tablespoons cocoa powder spoons without taking gorochki so should we need two tablespoons granulated sugar Sahara two tablespoons if there is no cream cream can take jelly in the list very well I special leave
  • 10:38: not a spoon or two tablespoons butter here as the oil measure spoons I told him, though was the fact that they have We thawed waiting so But on the vine eyes I think about here 1 half more I'll add a little this mix we put on plate and we should not simmer do not boil
  • 11:09: put on the best the slowest fire so we just Melt butter Our butter sugar not to dissolve It was like no lumps boil we do not need to cook just to All All our chocolate It was chics 1 glaze Our ready I did top and pour leveling spoon very good consistency we do not
  • 11:40: You need a lot of us just need to have We had the top icing periodically before you cake decorating here directly I was cleaning glaze it in the fridge that he is with us this chilled cold gently thin a thin layer I smear frosting a lot of a lot of chocolate Delicious cake on feast day
  • 12:11: Born the more who loves chocolate here we have left glaze is thick good excellent and a clear throw nuts and throw I stirred them to they have them all here We were in chocolate spread more [applause] 2 handful even movies that they have all good mixed up and were luxury nuts such wonderful friends yet here we nuts in chocolate and I
  • 12:41: take away cake refrigerator to Our little icing substituting it and how to and so little Framed but to us at decoration we have here not all mixed up not turned porridge I put in the refrigerator our nuts I am very very good mixed chocolate frosting I spread them on plate and that's straight on a few minutes again 7 to take away refrigerator so that Now chocolate glaze it
  • 13:11: locks in nuts not to flowed to it stuck to our nuts nuts Of course, we previously necessarily necessarily fried We decorate our cake it Of course you can on its discretion once as you I like to paint decorate cream cake in the tradition of digging woo nuts will
  • 13:41: lay out fingers hand so it is more convenient because they are better It puts at zheleyu I put a lot of beloved child so so friends can see Now all we have here under zavyazochki nuts yet again about it you are in all the empty seats all perfectly nice and My husband and I very pleased I wanted to decorate look for crumbs
  • 14:11: your own in principle can be here a little white part to make here so little of chain of chocolate looks too nice but not as an overzealous I would have been to around the measure so here tithe a little cross-country a small amount of it will be surprise Now of course on night we remove the cake in refrigerator so that it well under our chair
  • 14:41: a soaked and freezing I am pleased result today unfortunately that's where I Gusti Rowan we will not be because Tomorrow will be a lot a lot of guests