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  • 00:00: greetings to all beginners amateur radio what LED can be all from one feed the finger batteries for anybody no secret now! Internet is clogged all sorts of schemes converters for scheme for this purpose which today we talk is not new but I decided to write as a roller I find it very in fact interesting a simple car generator converter where LED illumination caused splashes itself induction collector winding nothing complicated
  • 00:31: all transformer one transistor and resistor and of itself load our the case of the LED This scheme created free with online program I would He said even the whole service easy ideas that will not only create and printed circuit board but simulate their a reference to the work describing different this scheme by relatives of those without load almost anything consumes very economical and can work with ultra-low input stresses
  • 01:01: pay attention to Currently input voltage of about 0.2 volts but there LED illumination I collected this scheme great amount time and decided to repeat to demonstrate work due to the minimum quantity board components generally can not doing a few words information on ingredients any transistor
  • 01:31: low-power feedback excellent conductivity suitable transistor KT315 like 2nd 5551 s90 14 018 in general, any thin transistors you can also use transistors and direct conductivity in this case you need to change polarity connection battery and LED increasing transformer wound on ferrite rings that can be found on rafts Economy lamp ballasts can, in principle,
  • 02:02: use the neck shaped cores cups and even rod transformer has two windings and core collecting both winding in my case wound wire 0 15 mm base It consists of 25 and the collector of 40 turns not to had difficulties winding flour Rubio may contain the same number of turns It can be from 20 to 50 An average winding point. phase of the compound ruetsya all just both in two-stroke
  • 02:32: inverters now more than just in front of you a colorful picture connected windings base restrictive resistor may be resistance of 470 ohms to 10 kilohms can replaced by trimmer resistor individual settings with this circuit layouts begins work on a voltage of 0 volt and 5 continues operability at up to 0.4 would if the transistor replaced by Ge the circuit be acquired by
  • 03:02: voltage 3 volt and 0 continue operability at a voltage of up 0 to as much as 18 volts thanks to this low voltage this power converter can be used for food LEDs from one solar modules 0 5 volt voltage most reasonable using this scheme in my opinion is a small pocket flashlight from a single battery using battery lr 20 have a standard which container can reach up to 10-15 thousand
  • 03:32: milliamps hours our flashlight can continuous operation a few months but even after source exhaust All its capacity our flashlight continue work while voltage above 0 2 volts so with Using this scheme you can finish the already dead batteries which is very much in our homes Friends in the description this video with full archive the project can download checked similar schemes transducers not
  • 04:02: We forget rate this Like its video and Share with friends in social networks and this I say goodbye to you as always was Kasyan to tomorrow till