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  • 00:00: hello today We'll be with you cook pilaf with so we took the average pork 500 kroons 2 big carrot If the carrot and do not It can be very large take 4 head garlic and village large onions then we spice Red pepper zero black pepper but I want more states
  • 00:31: spices that you can take to your taste vegetable rice butter and salt to pilaf was well needed take a good kettle good Spit It seemed iron if thick bottom you do not have a cast-iron means can be proved take love frying pan with a thick bottomed proceed preparation to the bottom cauldron
  • 01:01: to pour 100 grams vegetable oil put on flesh cut into somewhere 3 to 4 pieces not tm small fraction of that meat was juicy if you pork more fat means vegetable oil need to add slightly less this dish old
  • 01:36: It means a move we come east March 2 wherein the new century before in India since begun grow rice and at the same time somewhere We began to prepare pilaf Now cut briefly tell Alice then we figure We took a long black
  • 02:07: he brushed pre rice a must very good wash to remove it from the excess starch and rice flour to it we have not turned agglutinate it is very, very necessary rinse well before water transparency add three cats and sprinkle with salt and banyatsya on the table burnt
  • 02:37: and fry it up
  • 03:10: a smooth cut into semicircles very companies to sins I was able to dissolve our pork fry until we are golden brown
  • 03:40: adding and continue fry and probe so sympathetic to the color bow for that color Output from fry disc is not strong bow in You will have bright,
  • 04:12: childhood and more much stop loss will be more brown so it's squid straws on a grater carrots and cut glad it is not necessary because that the coffee she It turns each then chop straw somewhere three or four millimeters thickness
  • 04:42: bow our Fry and me We add our pilaf carrots gap means willingness carrots we will check your if it is soft I became so not so as it becomes more brittle soft means on the course our carrots ready
  • 05:12: our became soft and we add some salt to our pilaf and add spice so adding raisins add black
  • 05:43: pepper add red pepper and add the rice Chris we screed and put our pilaf
  • 06:25: garlic garlic we We will be put here such teeth preliminary you wash my head garlic garlic will give our
  • 06:55: taste good and We fill our pilaf water so there is no glare on on the edge neatly fill so on three or four millimeters Fetal exceeded rice We cover with a lid
  • 07:33: and it will bring to the extent that when the water we when the rice we hide the water then we decreases temperature All cover with preparing on our rose we pilaf mix reduce temperature and
  • 08:16: cook 15 minutes rice It took 15 minutes pilaf our almost ready we will Now try to figure the willingness he has not it should be digested because if the rice I rolled it already porridge if it is a little
  • 08:46: damp so we turn off the stove and We give him a brew this plate 57 more Our pilaf is ready for time we turned 1:10 cooking time pilaf depends on the type of If the meat is pricked faster waist pork
  • 09:16: lamb and again on pilaf was very delicious cook please we prescription pleasant appetite and thanks for