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How to prepare the Flounder the recipe of second course from fish fried on a frying pan tasty a dinner quickly for video - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today We'll be with you cook roast flounder for this we you took it taken at 5 pieces and and well then cleaned in the most important fish that it was fresh the freshness of the fish we We determine by smell We cleaned it and well washed to roasting, we take salt
  • 00:31: and black pepper our fish so we'll 20-25 then it will singe breaded plan we have taken 50 50 flour bread crackers for that our fish was crunchy fish rolled in breaded
  • 01:02: spread on preheated pan fish should fry found on a monument prompted formed
  • 01:32: crispy crust for us We do not dwell brought fullness I offer other kids party roast to roast packing fry
  • 02:09: a bunch of shelves we were very fish so useful be sure to eat it Take your diet preparing it very quickly and cleanly was also our we are ready to cook
  • 02:40: her 20 minutes served with potatoes You can also puree Served with rice can be just with vegetables it is very useful and band requires special costs quickly cleaned so cook and we recipe thank you for attention and Bon Appetit