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Omelet with mushrooms and onions the Recipe how to make step by step tasty a dinner house magnificent quickly video - YouTube  See details »



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  • 00:00: hello today We'll be with you to cook an omelet with cherry bread cherry in the amount of 100 150 gram chives cheese in an amount of 70 100 grams salt 2 eggs pepper white bread Getting preparation of finely chop the cherry cherry a very useful
  • 00:30: the vulture is cooked very quickly without preliminary cooking today it is necessary to win in fast fast preparing hard of the hangers omelets are not suitable We fry the mushrooms on the hot oil pan vegetable and
  • 01:00: add some salt and add to taste black horse dad our playful rabbit we will be beating eggs and grind green chop finely
  • 01:39: green onions also hill we are on the dark color it add it cut nekish not too crushed and
  • 02:26: in this way and putting our omelet your omelette add whipped all eggs thoroughly stir and add the fried add mushrooms drawing
  • 03:02: we do not have turned very beautiful there not hanging protein very useful and Put the squaw we spread our filling in bread and fry initially
  • 04:09: then on the one hand other overturn our It turned crispy
  • 04:45: crust is very gentle it may fall on Breakfast can be taken and a bite please prepare according to our recipes Thank you for attention and pleasant