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Risotto the recipe with rice Italian cuisine how to prepare a dish for dinner tasty at home step by step - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today We'll be with you cook risotto classic risotto Risotto is a dish northern Italy its variants also bought a very many can risotto cook with mushrooms meat with bird chicken and fish with shrimp today we will Cook classic risotto for that we need risotto needed
  • 00:34: special rice rice Round necessarily rich starch rice before cooking is not wash it to be so crumbly as we need olive oil broth which exceeds the size of rice twice saffron necessarily red black pepper and classic resort is
  • 01:06: cheese varieties we parmesan he gives a certain taste and the color of the reason and onion head Luke Getting cooking finely chopped preheated griddle
  • 01:40: we poured olive oil and now Put the onion the color of our meal the result will be give Mutko so here we are fry until such yellow caramel fry color
  • 02:10: our meal, we add the rice, we we will fry together with iphone We will fry up the extent to Figure it became transparent and
  • 02:40: satiated oil nourishes in a mass and then it will be seen that he ready to hit the further self cooking our risotto Chris prepares we fry add some salt add red pepper
  • 03:12: somewhere polchaynoy spoon important ground black pepper too the same amount add the saffron and somewhere will add a teaspoon spoon and will often pour broth soup we are not salted two times more than
  • 03:48: paddle stirring and will sushyt slowly I cover spring cap our risotto almost done here for 700 grams of rice we poured a half liter of broth was added in portions
  • 04:18: that such as he this consistency consistency right and we now we will add cheese end cooking and more five minutes on the ball varieties will be ready I want to say more What about stock means You can take the Broth love which you love love pilaf
  • 04:48: with meat e.g. pork swine bouillon it gives the figure pork such rich taste of meat you can take chicken beef broth can be love which you want to how to mix all on and off sestertius which
  • 05:21: It should be in the rice it should be as pastor here we have it I turned and give the figure we will be meat and beautiful turn off the risotto we managed dishes
  • 05:52: Italian food they are delicious Hearty due broth Figure strand taste of meat so try cook with us surprise their family thank you for attention and Bon Appetit