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  • 00:00: hello today we'll prepare wonderful breakfast scrambled eggs with garlic arrow for that we need garlic arrow of 300 grams 4 eggs cup of milk vegetable oil and salt proceed to Cooking for a night Arrow is very rich
  • 00:30: vitamin and cook and take advantage of such an idea how we would We have no right garlic arrow we chop cut off the tips that we not useful and cut into cm half the length of the urgent arrow very rich vitamins so she and her necessary preparing a garlic arrow
  • 01:02: and we cut and spread on pan and fry pan can relay vegetable oil Is it a little pop you lay out our almost night and we We will fry up this golden color to it browned butter and I was fully prepared
  • 01:33: that it is soft whisk eggs fill our fry on how to
  • 02:31: lifted it is clear and we pour here decrease temperature cooking and cover with a lid summer breakfast our ready to use summer use it
  • 03:01: all 100 because vitamins This margin for the whole year enjoy your appetite and thanks for Attention