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Vegetable marrows fritters the recipe of a dish magnificent fritters with a vegetable marrow how to make tasty a dinner quickly of video - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today We'll be with you cook pancakes courgettes for that we need zucchini a large 2 eggs 2 cups flour head onions 9 baking soda to the so as a leavening agent black pepper and vegetable oil baking we have large large
  • 00:38: so it is cut here and so that we It was comfortable with him I want to clean the skin also tell brief history pancakes on the water and then It has long been the Scythian U-Shin great the amount of chilled It had called them Lanka spoon allate agro Baska also
  • 01:09: special dishes were the iron heavy iron pan in which and baked pancakes the word itself It comes with fritters paganism Goddess of the frets ie so named discharged Carnival fritters such in brief story inn we it means that you have cleaned
  • 01:40: cut to us it was convenient to him rub on and terochke We will rub on fine grater satin that if you do more of mature zucchini pancakes the core seeds clean and better for pancakes better to take younger zucchini then they will be more
  • 02:10: gently for our empty zucchini add tea teaspoon salt I do not remember to say that green is better she adds dried It does not add minced moisture so we add if not dried
  • 02:41: dried herbs please can fresh herbs add a little bit and You need to dry for wash and so add black pepper to taste grind garlic crushed
  • 03:18: you can do it through savings add time mix phase in flour as well as pancakes as well as Volodya small portions We introduce two glasses flour flour will give our Larin splendor
  • 03:50: naturally break lumps here mix adding Siobhan now! Getting Started eggs because eggs We share separately
  • 04:21: a single protein yolk mix
  • 04:58: We mix our forge whipped into a foam use thread and so can be a blender live introduce our the dough will give a protein our Alan them splendor and tenderness also our dough
  • 05:48: stir and reserve infuse for 30 aladdin minutes we our spread test at skovorodochku It has a thick but someone's hand must be warmed-over fritters prepared
  • 06:24: fast enough pubs lot vitamins microelements they are useful and at the same time they diet so prepare with us everything we We fry them survived on the one hand and we will turn Russian skills you and turns
  • 06:54: very embarrassing turn two pancakes girls so I advise you they have not flat such clicks pigs pomp attached
  • 07:33: cover with a broken wolf cap that they on a well-fry just two or three nychki they prepared we have turned
  • 08:05: wreaths so delicious if you love zucchini a kind of cooking they Diet useful and very very tasty please enjoy you see the appetite and cook for us our recipes Thank you for your attention