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Pavlov's dessert: the French meringue, a basic custard with whipped cream, a berry decor  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello friends this issue will prepare tender air dessert Anna Pavlova you You learn how to assemble Two variants of this delicious cake years ever berries available winter when with berries is all wrong just right cooked air crunchy basket of meringue this is half the battle and our dessert Now we start it Products that you need We start whipping egg whites egg
  • 00:30: proteins must be room Temperature in this or they will quickly whipped when the proteins begin turn into an easy foam start add sugar to it better to pour rain and add two to three gradually phase your proteins and become whiter denser and more air process whipping your proteins sugar will turn in smooth shiny air mass than smaller crystals
  • 01:00: sugar the better they will diverge in protein ointment whipping proteins it is always better to start with average velocity and goes high already after about half sugar will be in cup whipping or dezhe proteins sugar must be will churn up dense state peaks are you now see how looks this state it even called bird's beak if you dip corolla to the whipped mass then remove an it is at the tip corolla you
  • 01:30: here's a beak mass should be enough dense halo of any in no case digging and achieved and now can add icing sugar of course previously powdered sugar needed be sure to sift in order to avoid lumps or foreign impurities powder needed knead spatula manually neat circular motion if you still parallel to rotate the cup around ready to knead faster than you need achieve full
  • 02:01: associations of sugar powder to the core mass meringue should get homogeneous smooth shiny and air Put ready meringue in confectionery with round bag large nozzle diameter and can otsazhivayut basis for our cake for order To obtain baskets can be use Silicone molds for eg baking cupcakes turn it up bottom and in the chess order otsadit then meringue meringue baked or
  • 02:31: dried in an oven at temperature 80 about two degrees with half hours exact drying time or baking depends course from Features of the oven and size of your baskets well after As baskets completely dry you need to carefully remove Silicone their way inside may remain slightly moist but it is not scary and Now the bottom of the future baskets can be clean itself fine grater that do you have in stock the challenge is to remove part
  • 03:01: irregularities and provide more foothold our cake here Now you can start cook air cream first Now prepare a basic custard and then connect it with whipped cream by the way the cream is very good recipe is are on the channel and it can be also use Cake is products that need for cooking custard base cream and begin with the fact that sift on top of the starch sugar and then take whisk and a good
  • 03:31: we mix the two component is a simple action subsequently lead to the fact that the starch will form smaller lumps Now send a saucepan the milk half with cream and We stock a lot of this or vanilla dressed with sugar this mass of any vanilla sugar or vanilla extract as mine we bring it all together until boiling and is set aside then egg yolks pour sugar on top starch and carefully stirred first Your weight is
  • 04:02: quite thick and take some lumps but you continue carefully mix whisk and gradually the masses will become more homogeneous liquid sugar gets going in yolks its mass posvetleet rub yolks with sugar You will need about Now before this state when you achieve the desired consistency take our magic dairy cream does not l mixture of hydrochloric and thin-thin small stream enter the number in the yolks with sugar carefully stir and
  • 04:32: repeat the same operation again we you just need to make more liquid egg yolks to it was easy connected to the main milk cream vanilla weight here Now fine pour a trickle egg yolks into the milk with cream and constantly stirring now! We start the whole thing brew now skillet milk hot but not boiling water Once the eggs introduced immediately turn on the stove and begin to constantly stirring brew
  • 05:04: cream and the main thing here cook just cream not an omelet that is not stop constantly Stir how would you no matter how tired your hand there did not seem you numb and still very big what matters is that the whisk you be tightly to very bottom because burnt all begins just from below the new logical yes captain obviousness sends you his Hi cream should Now get this Now smooth beautiful and if you are not completely
  • 05:34: sure as a result of you can wipe through a large sieve cream and then small particles fallen egg remain simply on the bottom of the sieve after wipe wipe certainly better using the halo If the sieve is very fine example for flour then wipe with a cream through a sieve not happens because Cream quite stringy and another comment on what power stand when the plate brew cream I usually do it on
  • 06:04: maximum power but I accounts for a very to work intensively do not stop to the cream burned if you do not sure what you get everything from then the first time make secondary fire or moderate plate capacity but this brewing cream Takes You certainly much more time when the cream cool to about 37 degrees can enter creamy weight butter we should be at room temperature and diced We mix it all
  • 06:34: whisk until uniform state and when you will enter the oil cream will not only smooth but also brilliant addition that the cream is excellent will keep the shape it is good for the fact that it is not very fat on compared to conventional other when mom are used e.g. Cake even when compared with its classic cream chase Well oil is excellent dispersed in the cream turned homogeneous smooth it's a little weight
  • 07:05: sticky, you see it because of the corolla It stretches a bit like may even say cruiser Now cream can be removed at deposited in fridge pre-concealing in cling film contact but refrigerator it must not hold less than one hour after cooling cream becomes more dense structure that is why before using his definitely need more just punch blender it will be more supple and with him it will be much easier easier to work here
  • 07:35: now it's time add whipped cream proportion very simple 300 gram base directly taken 100 grams whipped cream if you want to denser cream consistency then you can cream slightly reduced by its discretion for example to take 80 grams per 300 grams custard base this cream here the number of which specified here the recipe is enough for Preparation August 6 Anna Pavlova cakes but the expense of course It is highly dependent and the size themselves cakes rest
  • 08:05: part of the base custard can freeze and use next time whipped cream you need to answer necessary the number and whisk Stir with a base custard and now is the time our secret ingredient and is hazelnut praline it also has the recipe on our channel and I add a reference to the description and hint nut make pralines absolutely any cream its awesome delicious possible way add and pastries or make him
  • 08:36: fillings for pastries and Now my favorite time of this assembly but in this case you will be able see two assembly options cake first option is to build with fresh berries the best thing use berry Assorted as this will classic version cake Anna Pavlova going cakes pretty simple first as you already seen from pastry bag we is deposited on the bottom baskets cream then do to help in the shaped heads on
  • 09:06: perimeter beautiful ledge in the middle of a you can put fresh berries and decorate than anything can sprig mint but put in Here I will show how to use the edible gold quickly and easily turn an ordinary chocolate pearls into something special need to the bottom of a small cup sprinkle with the help of brush very little food Gold drop it pearls cover with hand twist everything ready look what they are very pretty conveniently stow
  • 09:36: but if tweezers tweezers and no one can hand to pour and we It happened here is wonderful tender crisp and very tasty cake Anna Pavlova and go to winter embodiment dessert assembly It is different from the summer he fact that instead of berries which is difficult in winter we use to get any berry jelly previously berry jelly need freeze silicone forms hemispheres ah then it
  • 10:06: very easy here gets hemisphere stacked here thus basket and then circle of otsazhivayut pastry bag our beautiful cream this option is the cream made without adding walnut proline but he also very tasty turns his vanilla option course before there is a cake when you need to wait thawed housing the way it can be jelly also use as an interliner cake If you interested
  • 10:36: This recipe is property please click on the card in the upper right corner and Vote for it to we took one special series dedicated to this topic and I was way more it seemed that cake will be more completed if sprinkle with his sublimated raspberries and you just dried raspberries and as decor and winter enriching taste it just really cool I thing everyone I recommend if you I liked this video Like put
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