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How to connect several video in one.  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: In this video, I I show you how to connect several videos one also make different transitions between the video rows to start add a few our videos fragments and moved on temporary track for this we press the left mouse button and portable to lead sink to to connect 2 video with us first just enough clamp it well the left mouse button and move our end of the first video As we can see our video Video or Video 2
  • 00:30: It is one temporary track have we save they make one video also transfer video and the number is not as we see temporary track us present at videos that will at the same time each other play if suppose we Transferring videos and some chance placed on not the end interest a middle fragment thus, as you can see cut 2 video
  • 01:01: fragment for that we just click control z cancel this action and repeat the movement which we sometimes needed between video clips required to make different transitions If we playback video we see that the movies one for another run without any transitions for this click on the item chair slides and tiles
  • 01:32: all three movie we also available on temporary track among them are these icons transitions for this move on transition icon choose interested time to choose We reaffirm now we are taking our god where instead of a single video otherwise transition We look at our before and We can also choose a different type of transition
  • 02:03: We are seen as a different transition can be inserted literally two mouse movements Nothing in this difficult is not In this video, I said core moments which can be used connect several make video transitions and on this The video ends all Thank you