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The most tasty GINGERBREADS! ANCIENT recipe! Super light white glaze!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to you channel name and the recipe Tatiana today we prepare very delicious and very easy cooking gingerbread according to old prescription for them prepare us need and yogurt sugar half a liter vanillin parison 1 teaspoon salt floor teaspoon egg yolks flour 2 pieces 770 One gram of soda tea spoon one tablespoon of vinegar
  • 00:30: Spoon glaze for us you need the egg white with one egg powdered sugar 250 grams 1 tablespoon Pour water into the yolks palette and sugar pour half a liter add yogurt floor teaspoon salt teaspoon vanilla and mix add 250 grams flour mix flour necessarily
  • 01:00: Sift through a sieve add a teaspoon spoonful of soda and extinguish it tablespoon vinegar immediately vigorously all mix add 300 grams flour and knead pour batter on Table 200 grams of flour vylazhivat him dough and well knead hands the dough should get very soft even possible little cling to hands roll out dough
  • 01:32: dough thickness should turn around one centimeter sprinkle the dough top with flour and squeezing cakes I I will do it glass cup, you it can do a glass cup molds than you like best We put cookies on baking tray covered with paper or foil baking and if you do not have paper or
  • 02:02: little for baking you can simply sprinkle baking flour send it in the oven preheated 200 degrees and bake until golden brown Glaze mix 250 grams of sugar powder and one protein mix well this glaze is very well suited for drawing patterns on gingerbread through confectionary syringe or confectionery bag we will be on top covered gingerbread so we fully the right consistency
  • 02:33: will cut add a tablespoon of water and mix well Now deals brush or spoon the icing on gingerbread our stunning the taste of gingerbread ready Bon Appetit on our channel and recipe lots of interesting recipes come will be very glad to