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  • 00:00: all of the creative you greetings Victoria I want you show how to make electronic page best simple you do in Word because not all able to work with Photoshop is mainly Of course now does Photoshop but it does not I decided to show you have an easy way me probably the most old office is now 3 but this was more A new version of why I'll tell you that they do not very different and Now I will show Example of his office ie we create new document here
  • 00:30: Now we see our Open document now you need it set up in the first place set up orientation i.e and do and landscape choose landscape and Field needs to be done equally from all party that is, I do one centimeter and all okay all we Now it turns out
  • 01:06: have to do Tables Table of will be our lined page but now I'll show you even if you have more than the new version is here orientation can Change so that is here is just to be menu where we choose landscape orientation respectively and speakers and the column, we too require now We do the table there simply insert
  • 01:36: column of the table we and a number of rows eg lead 20 so now we need to to do this It has floated the double It has as a reversal in Notepad for this just need column that is here column and clicks choose 2 now we is just two
  • 02:07: page Here you can stretch table for to a full page were speakers Now Select all the table and will Borders and Shading here to change some options You may also have here different views but nevertheless here we need to establish that was
  • 02:37: necessarily lower underlining that is, lower border preserved side we do not need and remove its top they too I need that is reserve intermediate and lower bounds Now so it looks here gray mesh It becomes yet printing and will not this is now possible table and copy inserting a second
  • 03:08: webpage here I I see that I was a little the different fields there is already here wider then you need more just look at that we've got a parameters and a little here I pulled the top side simply did not I shall strive to fields were approximately the same is better to insert a picture on
  • 03:42: new page because we had We will work well choose picture Simply drag and drop to desktop right click click and choose format here you need to figure select the position of the is for the text to the picture was for our razlinovkoy all Now I wait for it to be easy and drag it is just where but you need to figure pretty bright
  • 04:13: turned I want to do less saturated again I go into a format drawing and here here is an image selecting the brightness supply 60 and e.g. color has become not so bright that there when you or write to then your page handwriting and all you write will be seen I choose copy the image can also be insert the other page and has drag out
  • 04:43: the place where it should be and that's the way in we get Page maybe you You want something else here to finish it there in these Graphs can be write anything if you need it and It remains only
  • 05:13: printed at the printout will only horizontal lines and the same figure I hope you do the video was useful to you create with pleasure subscribe to a channel support me finger up success bye bye [music]