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Welding by a semiautomatic device. How to adjust pressure of protective gas and its expense.

Welding by a semiautomatic device. How to adjust pressure of protective gas and its expense.  See details »




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  • 00:00: Hello all, and at its channel today Video is dedicated to how to identify and how to set flow parameters a protective gas when semi-automatic welding use we will be carbon dioxide but before that, small theoretical basis and so will is in liquid state under high pressure about 50 atmospheres if warm outside it can be a little more if then a little cold slightly less approximately 50 atmospheres at work there is a cooling withdraw gas in
  • 00:31: a result of naturally evaporation and also lowering temperature and is pressure can also but fall about values somewhere around 50 mA light It may be a little lower little higher If you open You see the new balloons lower pressure Moscow is the world 20 suggests that the liquid fraction carbon dioxide there over and practically consumed out he only one gas end very not so fast bring to this state since many petrol Station does not accept cylinders without overpressure for security reasons,
  • 01:01: so do not bring to this state and during close the cylinder and its you do not change it save those extra there two liters of open cylinders see what Here we see the pressure the shooter I leaned on five well here range from zero to 5 twenty five multiplied by 10, then there are 55 to 50 atmospheres or 50 megapascals atmospheres is meets here
  • 01:30: reserve crane Open the pressure gauge on the output stands on feet in order to it shows the operating pressure is supplied directly the Semiautomatic for to appear before pressure is needed tighten the bolt screw us on our world membrane spring-loaded to will open hole is starts flowing gas already working in operating system and It appears some pressure as we can see
  • 02:01: arrow begins well deviate e.g. 02 placed arrow up 0 to 2 and stopped this suggests that in system formed all the pressure is closed such pressure It called static here at work, we press on Burner button starts to open electric valve naturally in a result of It is a decrease pressure and begin gas begins to leave
  • 02:30: that is constantly pressure to move decreases such significant called home a dynamic that is when gas motion here it is dynamic Pressure affects the consumption of gas which exits the nozzle burner but what it really specify hard enough to touch Of course you can buy gearbox a special device which It helps visually see directly amount of gas in minute but it a little more expensive if you decide still save and you can do without
  • 03:00: it what does it do how do you determine gas does not flow resorting to some costly device and pay for it some money when we click on the button This goes Gas how much we do not know and will go wire simultaneously will determine hard enough about us will interfere therefore include apparatus and remove the support roll release the window role result we
  • 03:30: It occurs gas outlet by pressing the button and does not go to the wire If you look at gauge occurs a sharp decline pressure [music] So he pressure improved and now she decreased so how to define consumption but are all very just you need
  • 04:00: for this first stopwatch it can be a normal cell phone and the thing that I think there everyone in the house is an ordinary balloon wire, we do not we can not and easy to wear balloon on table we put on the air ball for us and oblo I note the time I think that half a minute It will have enough me now staged 0.2 atmosphere and we
  • 04:31: press start and click on the button start we see is filling balloon note the time
  • 05:07: as we have seen for 30 seconds, then all that's so better if sizes commensurate Room with 5 liters multiplied by the volume tro get 10 liters in a minute is the value you want to us when those regimes who recommend us manufacturing plant then we have 0.3 the atmosphere is top
  • 05:30: pressure to which is static we can put and further exploit it device under that under such pressure If we have the ball inflated longer must be reduced if less must be added nevertheless such easy way will tell you available for you to extend the value that matches your the device is very often Internet we can see some certain figures the importance it maybe April 6 agree that if
  • 06:00: would I be inflating the ball pressure 06 the atmosphere was Of course three times more it meant that it was excessive gas consumption so what a gas consumption must determine on the spot because it depends on many parameters pirates geometry dimensions of parts is It may be the length Burner hose length it can be hole in cross section burned all the excision of the version product ari for the holes in valve all affect it to this value for consumption
  • 06:30: gas or not increase or therefore, reduces to by such a simple air ball and you can quietly define this consumption in those conditions who are you and for those values instruments that have you if you like this tip put the huskies watch my other video on my channel subscribe to my channel and all the luck all while before meeting