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  • 00:00: hello today I want to try Another recipe from classmates and it will cream sundae I want to say a huge thank you for that you stimulate me I try a new I experiment and I like it a lot and the way you will prepare your favorite biscuit or cake, you can also try this cream bake a cake chic for the new year We begin with cream 500 gram fatty cream
  • 00:30: 20 percent 180 grams of sugar glass sugar sugar package 3 tablespoons vanilla tablespoons flour you can replace two eggs and starch lemon peel 250 grams I have it already oil It melts to was soft and room temperature it demands be of two parts of custard and oil, we will a separate beating First we connect all dry products
  • 01:00: We are now trying to drive an egg so it will be easier stir to avoid lumps take the whip and stirred whisk not part of our task so we are well stir the lumps not now pour sour cream and also
  • 01:30: stir and add zest to lemon cream I had fruit shade we go on a gas stove, and for you making custard Look, I won a little water she told me boiled bowl set and stir and
  • 02:01: bring to a state thick cream see our Cream I prepared so thick consistency we turned turn off we bring brew mass to full cooling our cool custard cream and go to second stage start beating oil it I already room temperature that is
  • 02:31: take a little spread neatly and let the mixer include you slightly clogged will become a air and oil I want to show draw your attention when I I took off the custard I took covered plenochkoj then say to contact her to in contact with itself cream and put to cool it to us gives you see it
  • 03:01: what a beautiful and there is no here But for plenochki I covered this And so it goes include a mixer look a little whisking butter but this became pearl color plenochku we shoot add not scream will and now include mixer and small was added in portions custard all our ready to watch the cream
  • 03:36: What he's a tight lush turned Now beaters some try to taste some look thick cream we I received excellent approach to and align well naturally promazyvat themselves shortcakes try that cake our social network here I recommend
  • 04:06: I want to say about Creams delicious air lush turned and when you take little droplet and aftertaste really looks like on ice cream recipes I will very much try even so Follow us video and put huskies subscribe to channel and that I would further to do with this cream see below [music]
  • 04:38: [applause]
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